[Addon] Simple addon to display material relationships

Yesterday I was reading in the forums about material relationships and how to display them, so I decided to create a very simple addon for that.

The panel display the objects that use a selected material and there is a button to select all objects using this material.

You can download in: https://github.com/Antonioya/blender/tree/master/display_materials


Are you sure this can be installed as described on the github page? For some reason it doesn’t register.

Download the file and then, copy the script to addon folder.

For me, it works. (blender 2.69 official release)

Note: be sure to use RAW button in Github for downloading the file.

i got it no problem. works as advertized.woho. i got more add-ons than i can count. downloaded the zip.1,2,3/done. oh yea used the install from files button,go all the way down to the actual script. tis 1,2,3 for me . lol :slight_smile:

ok thanx for the explanation & the addon

Thanks!!! You helped me a lot

Hi Antonioya,

I work on a very big blend file (1800 objects - 125 Mo) and I use your very usefull addon:
Material Relationship.
i have all object selected and the last one actif for one A material.

Do you have thought to continue this add-on to exchange this current “A material” with “B material” for the sockets of all selected objects, please?

What do you mean, please?
Best regards.

How do i missed this superuseful helper?!
Thank you!

Really usefull !

i hope this one will have update for 2.8 :wink:

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It would be very useful, I use it a lot in 2.79 when tidying up things. :slight_smile:

Look useful ! 2.8 ?

please 2.8!!

Try this, been playing with it this afternoon, seems to work for me.

Was a bug in it, if found object is in a hidden collection, it fails. If you make sure all your collections are active, should be ok until I can track the problem and see if I can figure out how to fix it.

EDIT AGAIN: Ok, now try it, think I’ve fixed the bug above :slight_smile:
material_relations280.py (5.0 KB)


Thanks so much for that!
Simple but effective and useful :slight_smile:

Can confirm that it’s still working in 3.2.0

Thank you so much