[addon] straighten curve

1.What is that?
1.1 A addon to straighten curve
This addon straightens Blender Curve, while keeping the length of every segment.
The origonal Curve can be made up with several curves.
The straighten line starts at the first vertex of original Curve-converted-Mesh.
1.2 An exmaple to show how internationalization GUI, i.e. display text in different language
Please use gettext, and stop doing translate the string directly in your addon source file.
This addon supplies English and Chinese interface.
However, I don’t know how to support bl_info with gettext. If you know, please drop me some light, Thanks.

2.1 basic
Enable Straighten Curve in Add-ons.
Select a Curve in 3D Window, click the button under ‘Straighten Curve’ on ‘Tool Shelf’.
The new staight line has same fill/depth/resolution parameters as the original one.
2.2 switch language
Choose language under ‘User preferences - system - language’, click ‘Save User Setting’
Relaunch Blender and enable this addon again. Currently, this addon supplies Chinese/English translation,
if you choose other languages, Englsih will be used.

3.Version Information
2015.10.26 0.4,Can change GUI text according to User Preferences - system - language
2015.10.26 0.3,Change to Addon
2015.10.26 0.2,The Script can deals with Curve which has many curves
2015.10.26 0.1,Initial version

Lee June @ BlenderCN



Great Work!
Just a question: is there a way to get something like adjustable limit dissolve for bezièr curve?
example: after converting a grease spencil stroke into a curve object, etc…

@Spirou4D, thank you for your suggestion. I am totally agree with you that to obey standard makes good, easily-maintained addon. Since my addon is opensourced, I hope people, especially who is familiar with bpy, can contribute to it directly. I am a newbie in bpy. Because bpy is getting more complicated, I have not studied, or understood many aspects. As a result, I have only the capacity and time to implement function. In fact, I start my addon as a script, then I wrap it as an addon with minimal extra works.

@mkbreuer, sorry but I don’t understand what do you mean. Maybe some pictures?

Hy Oyster,

i mean minimzing the vertices.
Is there a way to dissolve vertices between the end and the start point of an curve,
or between some fixed vertices.

Example: if you have great a grease spencil stroke and convert it into a bezièr curve object,
there are many vertices on the curve you don´t really needed.
How to dissolve that?..

enable ‘simplify curves’ addons in official blender release. it is useful

Great! This addon I’ve probably overlooked.
Thank you!

Only one thing: after simplifying the curve, the curve be not more workable.
When you go into editmode it align to a straight line.
Is there a trick to get the simplifying curve editable?

guys, what you said ‘align to a straight line’ will never happen. by the way, your question totally has nothing to do with my addon, please if you have any other question, please make a new post, and do not discuss in this post.

sorry! you’re right!
It seems to me that we could have more simple standards tools in trunk.
Thank you and keep it up!

Dear Oyster,

I had tell you about changes in your work but nothing new. If you want I can make this correction for your files but you will not find the modifications.
At soon with the corrected files.

hi Oyster,

1 error corrected. All is ok now.

Thank you, Spirou4D. I have updated on github.

Oyster, you are welcome!
Have a nice day.