[Addon] Surface Constraint Tools

It is not immediately obvious to me how to use the eyedropper operators. Perhaps, I can look into those at a later time.

Nonetheless, the bug should be fixed now. Please, let me know if you guys experience any problems.

Thanks a lot!!!

Hi, I get an error with the mesh brush and the object picker that looks similar to the one reported by pitiwazou (Basically the same text with different folder names). I am on Blender 2.78, Win7.
EDIT: Nevermind, it was the cache! Everything working fine : )
BTW: I love the mesh brush!

Does this also work as a face constraint like 3dmax has?

does this work in Blender 2.8

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2.80 Update of surface constraints tools by jose conseco:


anyone has a video tutorial on the workflow with this script ?

Seems to me the mesh brush has a problem; an error that you can’t multiply matrix and vectors. Needs @ instead of * it seems.
In Octree.py

TypeError: Element-wise multiplication: not supported between ‘Matrix’ and ‘Vector’ types

I have not tested yet! Maybe it is not finished.

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I did some test and made some pull request to help updating this addon.
It works well so far, except the visual draw component for the mesh brush.
My fix: surface constraint tool 2.80

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It comes with a special effect it looks like. When you move the viewport, shift+MMB for example, you can paint the viewport full with the object. Like a kind of move-blur effect but then without blur. I loaded factory settings, but same problem with latest build ( 17/06). Is that reproducable? It happens when I start to use the brush.

Quite cool actually.

Update: when I click the icon in the menu of viewport “Show Whole scene transparant”, it’s ok.

Yes, this is funny! I had also the same behaviour.
It is working for me too, when i change the viewport shading.#
But the header is disappear!
And there is also a AttributeError: module ‘bgl’ has no attribute ‘glColor4f’
I think this needs one with a bigger experience around the BGL changes:

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any update on this ?

I was asked to look at this addon.


Made new update

  • fix minor property bugs…

Attention: Auto Shrink is not really fix > it crash after a while? :frowning:

Made another update