Surface Constraint Tools for Blender 2.80+

Update addon to Blender 2.80+


Sounds useful. Is there a video demo of how it works?

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For example, in this old video (for Blender 2.79), this add-on is used in retopology for corrections (sculpting, smoothing):

For example, at 17:24

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Addon updated.
Restored vertex painting.
The vertices are painted according to the effect.

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There seems to be something wrong when using Blender 2.92. More and more Surface Constraint/Shrinkwrap Modifiers continue to be added. This also seems to confuse the Meshbrush.


Thanx a lot for addon for 2.8. Unfortunately this addon not works with 2.9 versions of Blender, tell me please will be the support of 2.9+ versions of Blender? Thank you


Addon updated.

v 2.3 (06-12-2021)
Added Blender version 2.9+ and 3.0+ support


Hy cwolf3d!
This version works fine in 3.1!
Except of the Auto-Shrink function.
After a while editing in this mode (moving some vertices) blender crash.
Can you take a eye on it?..

And MeshBrush: the right click radius change says it must be an int not an float.
fix in - 54:
delta = int(0.75 * (mouse_position - self.center_point).x)


Hi! Unfortunately this great addon not works with 3.0+ versions of Blender

working with 4.0?