[ADDON] Terragen_utils - importer/exporter for .ter files

I think this is probably one of my first posts here. I would present this addon that i’m working on. It’s somenthing experimental, for different reasons. Basically let ypu import .ter files (Terragen format) in blender, even a multi tiled terrain. With this addon you can also export a terrain in this format. I will be happy if someone find useful, you can download it from my github profile:

if you want to test the import multi tile feature grab it from the dev branch:

for some basic infos, go to the wiki:

For any issues report here:

The import multi tile feature is something very rough, it could be some issues for sure, and pay attention to the size of the terrain, it’s easy to freeze the pc with an extra big terrain.
I would improve it, but if you want contribute fork the repository and ask a pull request.
Thanks for the attention.


This will prove very useful for terrain creation. I use World Machine, and I get tired fo converting terrain into .obj files. This is a promising start to a much-needed (or just much-desired) feature in Blender. Thanks.

Thanks for the answer! i also use World Machine, and Terragen too, my idea was to develop an addon that help the importing of quite big tiled terrain maps, it could be possible also to add such feature to the import ‘image as plane’ addon, in this way you could import other types of tiled maps. I hope to have the time to add more features to my addon and eventually to the ‘image as plane’ addon. Actually i’m contibuting to the Sverchok addon https://github.com/nortikin/sverchok and this take me some time…

good work, imported terragen old :wink: with no real issues & very fast.
was very large meshes & clipping distance & locating in the 3d view was a little difficult

I’ve updated the code to work with the latest version of Blender: GitHub.

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I have imported the add-on but can’t figure out how to import my .ter file?