[Addon] Texture library manager

Hello everyone,

I have created a new version with an improved UI of this addon. It is really simple and basically you can select a folder and sub-folders as library (one or more) and load and unload easily the images inside them with just one click. I use it for painting and sculpting.

I have removed an old capability to load the libraries from a txt file, because it was causing many problems depending of the OS, but now, the libraries are saved within the .blend file, so the folder list will be there every time you open the blend file

download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2tr64y6w7sgolr7/vtools_libraryManager.py?dl=0



Very cool job

Hey Vertigos,
Would this be only for Version 2.72, I have 2.73, I have installed it and it shows up in Blender, but I cannot get it to work, I have watched the video about 8 times, stopping it at particular points so I can follow along but I am not getting the libraries to show up, they go into the manager but I cannot get the textures to show.
What am I missing ?
Thanks in advance

Seems very very useful, but same problem as @pipp44. The addon is succesful installed, but can’t charge the library’s folder list

Change line 100 from this, dir = context.scene.libmng_string_librarydir + ‘\’ + self.library

to this, dir = context.scene.libmng_string_librarydir + ‘’ ‘’ + self.library

Works on linux.

I changed line 100 as you suggested, the library charges with the textures but when (following the video) I change to “Texture Paint” the “Texture Tab” disappears and I get a Missing Data Tab instead (see screen shot)

Help :slight_smile:

I got it working (after a fashion)

1/ Select Texture Paint
- Missing Data Tab Appears
2/ Click on Library Manager Tab
3/ Charge Library
4/ Click in the “Add Simple UV’s” in the Missing Data Tab
- Add Paint Slot comes in
5/ Select Normal - Click OK in the pop up window
6/ Click in the Texture Tab
- Select Texture
7/ Paint.

I am not getting it showing up when I Render - Shift Z but I think that is because I am missing a step, have to look for a tutorial.

Strange. I can select and assign library dir but not subdirs beneath are visible then…

UPDATE: Already fixed !

it would be great if instead of + and - buttons, you simply use a [v] tickbox. That way the user would know which texture libraries are enabled and which are disabled without having to check.

Imo with a bit more work, this addon should be a default feature in blender. Psi fy should check it out :slight_smile:

still don’t works for me :frowning:
any other solution?

This looks really cool, but doesn’t work for me as well. I’m on Ubuntu 14.04 64-bits.

Wow, this forum did not notice me all these messages! I am so sorry!
I have created a new version, updating the first post.

Hope it works fine now for everyone :slight_smile:

This Addon is my favorite.
It corresponds to Blender2.8 !

There is a bug in which the folder name is not displayed.
But otherwise it functions correctly.

Download - Github


Just found out about this addon. I could install it in 2.8 but can’t figure out how to use it.
When I add a new Library, I get some result (with no name, But that’s probably the bug that was mentioned in the previous post).

But when that’s done, I can’t figure out where to select the texture to use. Can someone help with this?

This is an add-on that can batch load an image as a “texture”.
When using images in Blender, you may need to import an image as a “texture” (eg brush textures) rather than just importing the image. You can save the trouble of this.

When you look at your attached image, the eye icon is active, so it looks like it has already been loaded into the project as a texture.

Click the texture selection icon in the following location to display a list of loaded images.

  • Property Editor → Tools tab → Texture Panel

nice add-on… i was looking for something like that ! thx
and yesss. it works also for texture painting ! super !
i just have to change the category that the addon is coming into the same panel as the painting tool !
Tools > Tool

Again, thx a lot, it is awesome

Ver0.3.1 Added support format-Display folder name correctly

Updated to ver0.3.1 and changed the distribution site to gumroad.
Information about my updated version will be added in the following topics in the future.

Download - gumroad $0


THANK YOU VERY MUCH! It’s a lifesaver!!