Addon that adds into the timeline a chain of repetitive and random human body movements

Hello to everyone.

I’m working on an animation where there are a lot of close-ups and and not so much large movements. Infact I have six people inside a room that are talking to each other. The dialogues between them lasts almost 2 hours. So It takes a lot of time to make the posing of every movement of the people’s bodies and faces. To cut time,I’ve got an idea. What about if I hire someone to make an addon,that basically adds into the timeline a long chain of repetitive and random movements. It’s about all the movements of the human body that happens every moment. They could be the closing of the eyelids, the slight swings of the head and the torso,the trembling of the hands,the arms that gesticulate on the air. The advantage of this addon is clear : we don’t need to add manually on the timeline each of those movements : the user can choose different groups of repetitive movements and with a click the script adds them into the timeline or can be generated new randomly movements each time that the “add random movements” button is clicked. Since I’m not a python coder,I would like to talk about this addon. If you find it a good idea or not and if someone wants to take this in consideration. thanks.

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