[Addon] Transform on Cursor and custom orientation

Transform on Cursor allows you to at a single key press, to transform any selected object, group of objects, or even edges or faces with the cursor as the Pivot point, and after the transform, resetting to your previous setting.

It works in both edit and object mode.

Shortcuts are as follows:

Ctrl + alt + shift + R (rotate)
Ctrl + alt + shift + G (translate)
Ctrl + alt + shift + S (scale)

Example of it in use:


There is an additional function which I’ve called rotate on custom orientation. It create a custom orientation based on your selection, set that as your pivot, and allows you to rotate an object using that orientation. At the moment it defaults to Y, but I’ll be adding X and Z options - this function only works in edit mode.

Shortcut is:

Alt + shift + R (only available in edit mode)

Example of it in use:


Download location:
Github: https://github.com/kaptainkernals/transforms_on_cursor

the custom orientation is extremely useful and time saver

are you planning to add rot/scale selected parts of the mesh only

Hi Smoto, thanks!

Are you referring to rot/scale on selected parts with the custom orientation? It’s certainly a feature I can add, as the addon is still in development, there may be a few more transform functions that I will be adding.

So i’m open to ideas, to add to the script

For example if you select top polygon on a subdivided cube, and with the proportional editing turned on, then you would be able to twist the model along its normal

also wings3d’s rot/scale tools is very powerful, you may look into it to adopt some features

for example you select some mesh that you want to edit, run the rotation tool, and it waits for an input which is poly edge or vert and then it do editing
( I believe this is possible in blender too, since it allows you to select all poly and edges at the same time)
the other one allows you to do rot/scale by selected part of the mesh acting as proportional editing limit for the editing
so you can for example proportionally edit only one cube among the many - I know this is possible also in blender by hiding all unselected polygons but this would be also great to have in this addon it is yet another time saver


Those are some great ideas, thanks Smoto,

Your first example is definitely very doable, I’ll implement that and update the addon.

I’ll also look at wings3d transform tools as you suggest, and look at implementing some of those.

Currently the way I’ve setup the modal to run the various functions, it should be possible to wait on an addtional input or selection before running the function as you suggest in your last idea.

Thanks for the input

Hi kaptainkernals. I have just been trying your addon, and the rotate around edge is fantastic. Really usfull. Unfortunatly for some reason it breaks the “shear” hot key combo “shift ctrl alt s”, and instead scales the object. Is there any way to fix this.

Hi rebogey,

You can open your inputs preferences, and search for transform on cursor, and you can either unbind, or rebind that particular function.

I also apologize if my replies take a while to show up, as my post count is still so low, each time I post it needs to be held for moderation.

@rebogey, i’ve updated the script and commented out the ctrl shift alt s shortcuts for now, to not conflict with sheer.

I’ll re-introduce that shortcut once i’ve found a combination that doesn’t conflict, and that makes sense for the context.

If you want the functionality, you can easily bind it to a shortcut in the input preferences.

Using the “mesh.rotate_on_cursor” command, and the “Scale” operator

Hi kaptainkernals. Many thanks for the reply. I have found it is very easy just enable the pluging when I need it, and dissable it after that.
Thanks again for a great addon.

Thank you, this is a huge workflow improvement for me.