[Addon] UI Tabs - Change Category

Hi all. For those who like to use addons, but does not like to have the Tool Shelf full of Tabs, this addon is ideal. Basically it changes the category of a Panel.

Download ZIP

Unzip and install the file with extension “*.py” (“ui_change_category.py”)


great Addon
I hoped for it, but when I try to activate the Addon in Userpreferences it happens

If you try to activate the script it happens

@uruburei, I could not reproduce this problem, but from what I could see from the pictures, it seems that register function tried unregistrar a panel that is already not registered. So I think now is resolved.

Download on the first post

Unregister its ok
But not work for me

I Open change category
Save User settings
I chose a Addon
modify your category
hit enter
and nothing happens

Where am I going wrong

This is weird. What is your operating system?
Try removing the Addon (Change Category), close and open Blender and install the addon again.
Let me know if it worked
I can not reproduce this problem. :\

Hi mano-wii, there are a problem with the link in Blenderartist.com, please.

From here in France may be?

EDIT: not it’s ok the server run again…

I had same problem, with lots of tabs for all the addons. But I was thinking of different solution. Basically I wanted to get rid of tabs, and just add drop down list with all the panels (green box). I was just to busy to code it… IMO horizontal tabs is failed ui design.

It has a way to do it. Just add the draw function of each panel to a single panel. However this would make it impossible to change the order in which the panels are displayed. I’ll think better in a solution.

Delete and reinstall - does not work
Delete my startup and user preference and new installation - His works ok now

Thanks for your help and congratulations again for this excellent addon. I believe it will be of great help.
It would be possible to open the Addon description of the category when moving the mouse over the tab category?

Thank you mano-wii for your many great add-ons!

This last one seems to start a good customization of the tool panel, filling the lacks of the Tab design.
What really really bores me is that every time I split a new window and chose the context area, I have to search and rearrange all items in the tool shelf, while you should be able to follow your visual memory and immediately pick the needed tool.
I say that because of your sentence " However this would make it impossible to change the order in which the panels are displayed." which made me think that this negative effect could be not so ‘negative’ after all, if this allows to make Tab(s) and their items to open always in the same manner.
Maybe could you think to a sort of ‘saved state’ for T and N panels?

Thank you again,

Actually I do not know if it’s possible. But I will try to implement this.

I thought better, and it is not impossible to change the order in which the panels are displayed. Just add two arrows indicating if the panel goes up or down just as modifiers.

I’m not sure to understand what you mean, my point is to be able to set up a Tabs/items configuration for the T and N panels, so that they will open always in that way on any window of that area type, being it the 3d viewport, or Image editor, or others.
In other words, to be able to save a certain configuration as default state (not only tabs and their content, but also their order and visibility).

I have still to try your add-on, perhaps it already does this, that would be even more fantastic.

Thanks for your answer,

@ sourvinos,
set up your panels & panel layouts, even addons, then save both user prefs & user settings & your panels are the same every time you open blender or split the 3dview, this works for panel location & open/closed.


nope, if I change a panel to a different context respect to the saved startup file, I get a new messed up arrangement, and the same for any other new window.


Oh god what have we come to, thanks for helping us out, panels should be just drag and droppable and tabs should be creatable and trashable, but this will help for now, i can stack all of the useless tabs in one that i dont use much…
you could add a “turn on/off” a complete tab, that would be nice to =)

Great extended version!
Thank you!

Being able to reorganize tabs is great. What I would love to see now would be an extension to pop out the operator menu to a floating menu in the 3D viewport when you activate a tool, add an object, etc… Then I could leave the cluttered and mostly useless T panel hidden and not really have to worry about tabs since everything (or nearly everything) I need is accessible through the menus and hot keys. (And then tabs wouldn’t be fighting for vertical space with the operators section when the T panel is displayed.)

Thanks for the support guys. :slight_smile:

Good idea, and it would not be so complicated to do. Any time I do

Hy mano,

how can i change the tab category for the addon by it self, eg: My Category to Org. (=Organisation) ?

For a while it was a mystery to me. I didn’t know why it didn’t change.
But it is now solved :).
The problem was in bl_idname’s own addon.
Download on the first post