[Addon] UV-driven mesh flattener

Flattening of deformed/curved mesh can be tricky, so this operator can help a little.
It is using active UVMap and “applies” it to selected faces, flattening it in more controllable manner.

It can be helpful if you need to preserve face distirbution during flattening or perform “limited bending” toward flat presentation of your mesh, utilizing Blender power to generate and edit such unwrapped presentation

Some screens to show-off the idea:

  1. Curved mesh:

  2. UV map using “Follow active quad”

  3. Flattening, driven by this UVMap. Here it is 100% flattened, but you can set any other percentage (to get limited bending that follow mesh curvature)

the link does not exist

Oh, sorry, this file was merged and then deleted for good… But you can always jump into git history, files are never lost on github, you know. Here it is:

I’ve tried out the UVmap operator and it was exactly what I looking for. Thanks very much for sharing!