[Addon] Window Generator ($)

Now available at https://blendermarket.com/products/window-generator

Model many windows at once on the faces of a mesh:

Years ago, I had a very hard time modelling window patterns onto models like this one:

The user wanted more and more windows added to the 3D model, and each time I found myself painstakingly adding each one in a random pattern onto the faces. This took up many hours and days of my time, far more than modelling the overall model itself. After this painful experience, I thought there surely must be a better way. So when using Blender, I decided to create an add-on that would do the job for me.

The add-on has applications beyond just modelling spaceships, and would also apply when needing to quickly model many windows onto architectural buildings.


  • Select faces and then add a configurable pattern of windows, where the amount of coverage and randomness can be controlled.
  • Control how many windows are mapped across each face and how many are mapped down them.
  • The width and height of the windows can be changed.
  • Different window styles can be created by adding corner bevels, and outer bevels can be added to make the window edges smooth.
  • Option to disable top or bottom bevels to create different effects:
  • Ability to assign a material to the newly created windows by specifying a material slot id.
  • Also assign a lights-off material to give the impression that some window lights are switched off.
  • Introduce further variations by adding a random “jitter” to the width and height of each window.
  • Option to perform edge split operations to create a quicker clean look.
  • The process automatically creates uv seams to aid in uv mapping for textures.
  • Faces are mapped from the top-to-bottom of a face by default, but the orientation can be changed to either left-right or front-back.
  • Additional refinement options that will attempt to remove unwanted edges or vertices from the created window patterns.

Now available at https://blendermarket.com/products/window-generator

If you have a new feature suggestion or feedback on the add-on feel free to contact me through this forum, visit
www.markkingsnorth.com, or contact me through twitter https://twitter.com/markkingsnorth.

Your window generator looks very useful. Right now I am not using Blender and will not buy it until I do. Is it possible to do tufts in furniture somehow? Please see the sofa I modeled in blender a while back. Also see 1DInc’s video on youtube where he does tuft’s. https://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?438039-Sofa-I-modeled-in-blender&highlight=sofa

Can you do arched windows and doors like in the old brewery sitting room? https://www.myline.be/index.php/en/category/60-old-micro-brewery-bar

Great Addon! Very simple to use. Please add ‘PRESETS’ for a later reuse with same properties values.

Having quite a bit of fun with this so far.
Learnt to insert faces a little where ever a set of windows needs to go to avoid to unconnected verts not allowing more windows on adjacent faces thing.

And yep, would love the ability to set a bunch of presets.