[Addon][WIP] Animation Info Panel for Animators and Motion Graphics Artists

I’m working on a workflow speed improvement addon for animators. It is especially useful for motion graphics and object/prop animation. It is in the Properties Editor>Scene Tab.

Below is the script so far. It puts a lot of animation information all in one panel. This speeds things up for making quick tweaks to position and sized for example. During animation playback it continuously updates the information.

Below is an early version of the script that you can try out and comment on, make suggestions for or even post code additions. I am looking for any ideas on what to put in the panel to help out animators and motion graphics artists speed up and simplify their workflow.

Here’s the script on pasteall.org: http://www.pasteall.org/53351/python

Thanks, JTa

It will be nice if you add this to “UI” Right Panel. To me can be more usefull.(In animation I use view on fullscreen)

“UI” Right Panel floo? Not sure what you mean. The popout n properties panel maybe since you said you use fullscreen. Ya, I can give you the simple edit to put it there. Let me know if you want. Thanks.