Adelaide (SA) Blender User Group - 2013 (Maker Faire - April 6)

Greetings all!

At the end of our first local meeting oh so long ago, we thought bi monthly gatherings might be cool. Obviously that didn’t happen. My bad. Partly I thought the studio I work for would be moving and we could meet in the shiny new location, but that didn’t happen yet either.

The meetings have been floating at the back of my mind though. I just noticed some posts from a local user porting Renderman shaders to OSL and thought we really have to meet as a group again…

Obviously not now as everyone has their various plans for the next few weeks I’m sure, but if we get the ball rolling now, I’m sure we can get something set up and well promoted for next year. Early February or something when everyone is settled back in to the new year might work.

Personally I’ve been putting more time in to the 3D print side of things so I’d love to chat about that as well as other general Blender fun. For those that don’t know, there is a public 3D printing lab in town now.

Of course, other Australians or visitors who happen to be around when we organise the meeting would be more than welcome to come and chat Blender with us.

I’m happy to do the organising, grab a venue, get the word out, etc. Just thought I’d float the idea around first if people have suggestions for time, date, venue, discussion topics.


Sweet, you can count me in. And yes i can see the OSL being a good highlight of the night, along with some showing off of the new strand rendering. I personally haven’t been doing some cycles related stuff, mostly blender > octane. So i might just be a commentator for the night lol

Nice, the more demos and artwork to look at the better. Doesn’t matter it if is Octane or any other renderer. It’s not like Cycles can physically print things…

Also, to avoid any disappointment by those eagerly reading that we now have a 3D print lab in Adelaide, it’s now closed for the year until January 10th 2013.

Well, back from the break on Monday so I’ll ask the guys at the studio if they wouldn’t mind hosting something - unless someone has an awesome venue in mind.

I’m thinking a similar format to last time, except perhaps having pre-arranged speakers and a set time, then if people want to continue to chat we go for a meal /coffee / etc near by. Last time was good fun but ran quite long, so people had to slip out at points when they needed to leave. Should be a bit less awkward if we all know the end time and the studio can lock up. Then those who want to chat on for longer can do so at their leisure at one of the nearby places in town. Weekdays probably still suit best with Monkeystack as a venue.

More details to come as I have them, but if people have topics they would like to share on it would be good to know so we can get the word out a bit more, get an idea for numbers and so on. The first meeting was pretty close to capacity which is great, but if we had another 6-10 people on top of that I don’t think it would be a comfortable fit.

Finally remembered about the site link… There were two members there already.

I’ll probably use this thread to coordinate things because of the public exposure and because I’m new to Meetup, but it can’t hurt to branch out. Will aim to get details set up on both.

I’ve got the ok from Monkeystack to host, so we have a venue. Do people have a preference for days/dates? Still thinking a weeknight in February so there is a bit of time to promote the night.

Just a quick note to say this could be a little longer in the planning. Have a few things going including some probable Blender classes at the 3d print lab. Stay tuned. :slight_smile:

Well, I ran an Introduction to Blender course at the local Fab Lab which was well received. More news on future classes / sessions / workshops when the Lab and I figure out the details.

On a related note:

I’ll be there on a booth with others from Monkeystack showcasing a range of things (robots, 3d prints, Blender demonstrations, etc). Should be a fun day with a range of things to see, just be sure to say hi if you’re there.

Of course a dedicated Blender user group meeting is still something to plan. Have just had a surprisingly busy start to the year.

Its good that blender is now spreading out with these workshops and such (and people are loving them)
I might see if i can come down with that Fab lab and see what you have been working on