Adey - Sketchbook


Nice. I love Stonehenge and the robot pictures…

Very cool and interesting stuff! Well done! :smiley:

Thanks Vicky, your stuff is great!

My latest;

The sense of style in this last one is remarkable.
Is this based on an actual blade or your own designs?

I would venture to say that the blade is “Sting” from the Hobbit.

That is indeed sting from LoTR

Here is Glamdring!


Ah, I haven’t seen it before. It carries a sense of dignity.

This is making me really want to revisit my LOTR stuff. I never properly finished any of it.

Didn’t realize you had a sketchbook Adey… great stuff in here. The child model is awesome. Wonderful etching in the sword as well. I’ll be sure to keep an eye on this one.

Amazing stonehenge