Adidas Tango 12. Euro 2012 match ball.

after shooting some photos i’ve came up with an idea of creating an UEFA Euro 2012 official match ball, Adidas Tango 12.
rendered with cycles, around 4500 samples, some postpro.


Great! And when it comes to Euro 2012 - go Poland, go!

it looks nice : with good details. If i was to crit i would say the ridges seem a little deep for a modern day football…
and we all know that england are going to win o_O i joke, they wont even get out of the group stages :smiley:

true peter18, ridges are also a lot smoother in real life, but i couldnt resist and went towards a retro style a bit ;D

very well done ball! cant wait for Euro 2012!!

Cool! Let’s paly! Tomorrow Poland vs Greece. :slight_smile: