Adjust Equirectangular HDRI image in Blender

I feel like I’m the last person to move on to cycles, but never mind…

I can find loads of tutorials for how to import an HDMI image into Blender…

(World settings, Surface: set Colour to Environment Texture, Open image)
(oh, and you can then set it to be viewable in the 3D view)

…but I can’t find out what I have to do to adjust the angle of the background image. I guess I should be sticking something in the Vector bit of the Environment Texture node… but what?

I just want to rotate the background HDRI around the world…
Thanks in advance.

Here are the nodes you need to add and adjust to change the environment image orientation:

From left to right, the new nodes are:
Input -> Texture coordinate
Vector -> Mapping

Adjust the Loc/Rot/Scale values and you’ll see pretty readily what they affect.

Maybe you mean align the image in interactive way?. See you this video. Is for Blender internal and other renderers, but also work with Cycles.

If you want to expose a rotation control to your material group GUI, you can have a look here. I’m sure there exists threads here how to do vector rotation manually, but some trial and error using the trigonometry functions shown should be helpful.

Uhm, actually, I found image of my own (probably old by now) setup as an image here. Yeah, direct control in the environment map node to control rotation around the up axis would be very helpful, slicker, and much faster :slight_smile: Please ignore the rest of the node for brightness control, I’m doing something completely different nowadays.