@admins of this board

This is a small request for some numbers how the community on this board has developed/is developing.

Because elysiun hosts the largest forum for the blender community, i thought that it should be possible to get them interesting values out of:
-new member registration/month
-overall visits

Perhaps somebody else besides me is also interested in this development. Especially connected with the releases of new Blender versions ^^

Thanx in advance if an admin tries to create some usefull statistics/graphics.

Well these aren’t the ones you requested but they were at the bottom of the index page so I thought I’d put them here anyway.

“Our users have posted a total of 294, 357 articles”
“We have 8447 registered users”
“Most users ever online was 335”

uhm … i know that numbers. i am not a moron. the thing i want is a statistic how this board evolved. of course this requires the board-system is supporting such a feature or somebody gathered information like this by hand.

I’m aware of that, I was just trying add some content to an empty thread, at least until a mod posts different stats.

ah ok :slight_smile: thanx

but i expected this thread to be empty if nobody cares

S68 has a couple of Perl scripts to create such graphs from the forum database. I suggest you contact him directly by e-mail to ask if he could run those again.


thanx martin

yeah those are always pretty neat :slight_smile:

there could always some php pages be made with sql questions for the database. at least you can get numbers with it. but i dont know php so i cant make the pages. i only know the sql part a bit.

Anyone who knows php is welcome to create such a script, which could then be run once a week or so.
Basically the database structure is covered by phpBB so you could install that and develop it for it.


I can do it if someone give me the DB structure and a complete list of the features you need.
Send me a PM.

Database structure is the same as phpBB, you can get that at www.phpbb.com