Adobe acquires Allegorithmic

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As a pretty new Substance user, I don’t know how to react to this but it feels bad.


They already had a susbcription payment? If so I hope the pricing is still the same, as well as the development, and hope they don’t make them adobe-esque and make the programs considerably more slow to load each relase.

EDIT: Right now they haven subscription and perpetual licenses, for indies is 19/month 239/year the whole suite and 149/99 for a perpetual of just painter and designer (individually) or B2M

I hope that texture compositor in Blender is coming sooner rather than later.

The world sucks today.


Curious. I was wondering if going Blender procedural texturing or buying Substance just these days…

It’s like hearing an old friend got cancer… that probably means they will discontinue their perpetual licences… nice knowing ya!


god dammit I loved this company and their software…

I can’t wait for adobe painter CC 2025 to not be any different from substance painter today because I’m a 100% sure they’ll remove the ability to keep the program if you stay subscribed for more than 6 months.


this is a sad day for me

Autodesk would have been way less of a blow. I’m sick. I truly am.

So hopefully I will be able to completely move my Painter workflow to Blender before long… Should this be doable in the near future?

the devil has eaten another soul …
meditate people meditate…


This is a great opportunity for Blender Foundation to start Texture Painting and Procedural Creation Code Quest. I’ve lurked trough this topic:,27494.15.html and there is a great potential to gather resources from angry users.


I’m hoping they only improve and not remove features… I’m actually concerned about the future of it’s Linux version, let’s hope that remains available.


Same feelings about the Linux versions, too.

I don’t think they will remove features. What is likely going to happen is stagnation though.

None of the core Adobe products have received significant new functionality in many years. Minor tweaks have been marketed as major improvements for a very, very long while now.


Whenever crap like this happens, my mind always goes straight to that wonderful Fight Club narration: “When deep space exploration ramps up, it’ll be the corporations that name everything, the IBM Stellar Sphere, the Microsoft Galaxy, Planet Starbucks.”… the Adobe Nebulae…


That would be a perfect timing, so much perfected with would sound like a declaration of war lol

He is aware :upside_down_face::crossed_fingers:


I’d rather say it would sound more like - we care about our customers and do not want to double f*** them like the rest :wink:

So I spent a big chunk of last year freeing myself from Adobe (using Krita and Hitfilm now). I use Substance a ton and while this isn’t an instant deal-breaker, I now feel it best to gradually move to something new.

As someone whom loves the Substance workflow, what’s the next alternative? Ideally open source or paid-in-full (3D-Coat)? That’s an off-topic question I suppose, but I’m betting there’ll be other’s in my position.

Really disappointing news! I’m not gonna be hyperbolic and say Abobe is an “evil” company, but I’m not their biggest fan. This sucks! No bones about it.

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wow, this came out of nowhere…and i thought Allegorithmic will never be sold out to big companies, i was afraid that Autodesk will acquire it like it does to evey successful project, but i guess adobe made the first move.