Adobe acquires Allegorithmic

So that makes dating a subscription model and marriage a semi-permanent license?
Either way you still have to pay a yearly maintenance fee.

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So whats the relationship equivalent to piracy then?

Oh that’s easy. Mistress / Girlfriend or Boyfriend on the side.
Back on topic I have a permanent license for Painter and Designer. Problem is now I don’t know how permanent. Is it permanent until Adobe changes their mind?

Nah, man! It’s prostitution. In either case, you’re probably going to get a nasty virus, and if you get caught, you might face fines and/or jail time. :smile:

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But piracy is supposed to be free! :stuck_out_tongue:

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I never thought of of software companies as pimps…Drug dealers yes.

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Well the software companies aren’t pimping out the pirated software, the pirates are, like a big human trafficking ring. Ok, I’ll stop now. It’s getting too weird. lol

Anyway, back on track: Adobe eats Allegorithmic. Allegorithmic says, “Be cool man, nothin’s changin’”… Nobody is shocked when everything starts changing.


It shouldn’t surprise anyone that this happened so soon… it IS Adobe after all.


I am thinking of grabbing a license while they are still available. Steam seems to have the best offer for Designer, Painter and B2M

From the sounds of it, perpetual license will stay on steam for the moment.

“Starting November 2019, perpetual licenses will not be sold through the website anymore. You can still purchase perpetual Indie licenses for Substance Painter and Substance Designer through Steam”

You said it.
Lets talk about this again one or two years from now.

I give em 6-8 months before it’s no longer available on Steam, LOL.

All users please notify Ton & developers that they should think about easy texturing system soon. Procedural generation + easy painting AIO solution.

Notice they are only Indie licenses. The clamp down begins.

Anyone know how long the 25% discount has been going for or if it is likely to change?

If you’re talking about the Indie annual price, it goes to full price on Jan. 1st, as it says in the original post. It’s more like a 32% discount right now.

Since image editor is separated from the uv editor now, I’m hoping that blender can accomodate… :slight_smile:

That bundle I’m looking at and it says 25% off. Am I missing something?

I think it’s always 25% off.

I bought it last year on Black Friday and got it for quite a lot less. If you’re looking to buy it I’d wait until then. Unless Adobe has decided that they’re not giving a discount this year.