Adobe Photoshop CS3 beta available

This news should be most important for Intel Mac people because Photoshop CS2 won’t be updated and still runs badly under Rosetta. I’ve tried it already and CS3 flies along. It has a nicer interface too. It has smart filters that can be updated after they are applied and a few other nice things.

And there’s a Linux version!!! Nah, I’m kidding, there’s never going to be a Linux version :stuck_out_tongue: but here’s the download site for all you Mac and Windows users:

The Mac version’s freakin’ huge because it’s for both PPC and Intel. This is Photoshop only too, no Illustrator or Indesign etc. Also, if you don’t have a valid CS2 serial, you can’t get a CS3 beta serial and the demo will last just 2 days. Otherwise I think it lasts 30 days.

edit: oh yeah and it seems to support a link to Matlab so you can write your own image processing code and link it up. That seems like quite a neat feature. That might be an idea for Blender and could be a substitute for imager shaders.

" And there’s a Linux version!!! Nah, I’m kidding, there’s never going to be a Linux version :stuck_out_tongue: "

It wasn’t funny, and who knows what will happen in the future…

Well, I’d download it…but I couldn’t actually see a single thing in that list that I need or want.

Thanks for the info tho.

most important update is probably mac-intel support. cs on macbook is just plain laggy

oh, great, CS just came out, and now CS3… honestly our university only just upgraded to CS before CS2 came out, then CS2 about 6 months ago, and now CS3…

the last two have been buggy as hell. these guys gotta start sorting their stuff out and just slowing down a little bit. a better major release, and a few free minor releases/updates would be great.


the new layer filter is quite nice

Yeah, I think this one should be a bit different because they will have had to rewrite a lot of the code because of the Macromedia tools they are integrating. I really hope they reduce their software lineup because they have way too many products on offer and there has to be some redundancy in there.

At the moment I’m trying out the cs3 beta version. I heard loads of people saying that the new cs3 version of photoshop is really fast compared to cs1 and cs2. Also on the new Intel Mac’s it works like a charm. They said it starts up 2 times faster then before.

Anyways, 50% left for download and I hope it’s worth the waiting. :slight_smile:

cs3 is fast, but also the older cs2 version in roseta is not that slow that you cannot work with it. i did not have the feeling that it was draining. however hugh files were bad. golive cs2 was slow but i was able to work normally with it as well.

i am hoping that they will not kill freehand because it is a much better tool that illustrator
in terms of typo tools and page tools.


yeah freehand was better than illustrator.

Indesign is my favorite program ever… illustrator was emabrrasing and crap… freehand was at least usable for stuff. i just couldn’t beleive all the limitations of vector graphics that illustrator had… it has only 2 gradient types compared to freehands 6 or somthing, whats up with that for an artist.


Yeah it starts much faster. It’s definitely worth the wait. Some people have benchmarked it compared to CS2 under Rosetta and they are getting double the speed. It’s not surprising because I actually ended up using Windows Photoshop under Parallels and it seemed twice as fast as Mac photoshop under Rosetta.

You’re right, it was still usable but only when it was stable enough. Indesign CS2 is especially bad in Rosetta and crashes randomly. Experience varies of course but it’s to be expected when you have a second layer of abstraction.

Hmmm, some people (including me I’m afraid) hope GoLive will be replaced largely by Dreamweaver. I just think it produces far better output. Although I’m guessing Adobe will merge codebases somewhat instead of throw either one out.

Yeah, I never took to illustrator when I used it. I actually went straight to Inkscape but then I don’t do much stuff with it at all. My brother is a Graphic Designer though and he’s always preferred Freehand. Again we can only hope they take the best of both.

I’m not sure exactly when the final version will arrive because it’s rumored to be in the second quarter but if that means fiscal quarter, that could mean between January and March but if not then it would be between March and June, which would be very disappointing.