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Actually there is, and it’s called Texturelab, I personally don’t know much about texture generation software, but from the look of it, it resemble substance designer quite a lot.


You’ve been misinformed. Adobe sells Substance Painter, Designer and Sampler (former Alchemy) for 20 USD per month. 40 USD subscription includes Stager, Modeler (when its been released) and more substance source assets. Also it should be noted that the development and improvement of these products does not stop under the wing of Adobe. Substance Designer now can generate 3d models, they developed a new displacement rendering algorithm that does not require mesh tessellation and, accordingly, requies much less video memory. In Substance Painter they added warp mode, anchors, geometry masks and so on. Stager and Modeler also shows great potential. If I had to choose between Maxon ZBrush and Adobe Zbrush. I would choose Adobe without hesitation. At least they price tag is reasonable and development is steady.


I was one of the many that almost cried when Allego sold to Adobe. I’ve been using Sub Painter since it was beta and thought the move would be the end of Allego tools. Since then, I’ve gotten to see the inner workings of the Adobe ‘3D division’ as I’m on the Sub Modeler beta. It’s very much business as usual. Allego team are all still there and have full creative control. The Modeler team have an excellent dev team, and frankly, this wouldn’t be happening without the Adobe resources. Aside from the marketing push into the fashion and product design industries, and the Adobe ‘icon police’(yes, Allego were are under strict Adobe icon rules), nothing has changed from a development perspective, apart from additional resources. Never though I’d say it, but as it is now the move has turned out pretty well.


And Armorpaint is a really nice open source alternative to Substance Painter:

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Adobe does not sell perpetual licenses of Substance, only making it available through a separate ‘Substance 3D Collection’ plan. I’m already paying for a subscription to a Creative Cloud plan, and I don’t want to increase my costs on Adobe anymore. Fortunately, Adobe kept the Steam version of Substance. One year of free updates are provided with purchase. I bought the license during the last Black Friday sale and I am satisfied. However, the disappointing thing is that Adobe offered a 50% discount in the name of a ‘Loyalty discount’ only within a certain period of time instead of applying the upgrade cost discount to users of the previous version by default. - [Link] (
Of course, Adobe may not sustain this temporary ‘Loyalty discount’ at any time, but Steam has frequent sales anyway. :smiley:
I can only hope that Maxon will allow the upgrade to be available at a price lower than the current perpetual license price of Zbrush.

If you have 2 GPU’s you can run Windows virtually with hardware pass-through inside a Linux, this effectively runs at normal speed with the advantage of having it completely contained inside of Linux. Doesn’t matter what kind of bloatware runs there and how many of these corporate spytools have the intention to snitch on you, if they can’t break out of the prison of Linux, they are impotent and rendered harmless.
That’s what they all deserve, imprisoned inside a Linux, when you need to update or if their license tools spaz out, you can grant them a temporal release, before throwing them back into solitary confinement.


Easier said than done. I’ve yet to do this successfully.

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I did not knew that one, but it looks very similar to Substance Designer.
I checked, it has the seential nodes, but lacks advanced nodes Designer proposes, perhaps it will improve on some areas.
For example the wood materials was not great and too basic compared to what you can do in Substance, but perhaps it was quickly made, i’ll give it a try.

Also the texture export does not propose any options like packing roughness and metalness in same texture as channels colors, neither texture size or file type for example.

Meanwhile it’s another open source great tool like Material Maker, but Texturelab is lot better about visual nodes and readability because it looks the same as Substance.
Unfortunatelly last update is March 2021.

Do you have a link, i can only subscribe to Adobe collection on their site ?
Sure Substance developpers made even more progress, Adobe at least does not interfere.

I would prefer Blender to really work on painting and do as good as some addons.
It has paint mode, but it’s mainly an old color and vertex painter.
I think Blender will have to modernize 3D painting with good toolset, mask features, layers, fill layers and other great features.

Are you surre those are perpetual licenses ? Sor example Substance Painter 2021 is no more available on Steam. Also Steam does not show what is the license usage for someone that would buy it on Steam.
And i avoid Steam as much i can for pro applications.


Your point is correct. Aodbe has stopped selling the steam version of substance 2021. They can also stop selling new Steam versions at any time. I tried Quixel Mixer (free), but it lacked features and performance compared to Substance painter. Still, I hope that one day Blender’s sculpting and painting will develop to the point where it can satisfy the needs of ordinary users.


And there is (which also has a drawing mode):

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Not sure where you saw March 2021 as last update, but on the GitHub page it shows latest release on 29th of July 2021 and latest commit about a month ago.


I think they stopped offering substance 2021 because they have the newer 2022 version available instead.

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Oh yes, TextureLab v0.1 hadn’t some of the nodes while i was exploring it and MatMaker 0.94(?) had them already or something… Thanks. I have to re-investigate this… By the way: both work on my i3/8GB just intern intel grapics computer :partying_face: ; nevertheless both made me understand shaders better; in OSL or GLSL i understood the (C-like-) code more or less (i’m a more a programmer than an artist) but not the context.

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Just to note, Material Maker is the one with the most momentum right now, as commits come frequently (which also includes contributions from the community). Rodzilla also has a build system that pops out a dev. snapshot for Windows, MacOS, and Linux with each commit (so no need to wait for new things).

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It’s just delisted for new purchases. You can still run it if you already own it. Valve doesn’t let people remove purchased products from people’s libraries except for very specific circumstances, usually to do with illegal stuff.


How did you get to that link ? Clicking on Painter directly shows the collection to buy not Painter only app.

So buying on Steam is like buying some perpetual license (hoping Adobe don’t bring changes)
What is the license applied for Steam version ? Individual , team , enterprise ?
I don’t find the info on Steam, and must download trial to get it, but i guess it’s individual.

But Texture Lab as same presentation and visuals as Substance Designer looking lot better.
I don’t know if they can change the nodes visuals to become similar to Substance.
Anyway great Material Maker is going strong.

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I didn’t need to buy 2021 because I still had a perpetual from Allegorithmic(they broke their promise of Steam keys AFAIK) until the end of last month so I can’t see what it was. However, the 2022 version’s EULA is on the right side of the Steam store web page. Here’s a direct link to Substance Painter 2022’s. Seems to be cut and paste of Creative Cloud terms but I just skimmed it.

edit: Just noticed the page title of the EULA I linked from 2022 says “Substance 3D Painter 2021 EULA” so they just re-used the 2021 EULA for 2022.

Just scroll down.

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It was at bottom page, first “buy” buttons is about collection, some way to present collection first.

I didn’t followed recent Substance updates , but it seems they have two major features

Substance Designer geometry nodes.
It looks powerfull looking at latest examples, not sure Blender geometry nodes can do the same buildings variations as easy.
Something i’ll have to test comparing both versions.

And their new intuitive modeler able to work on desktop and VR.

Interesting, let’s see how will those evolve.