Adopt an Unfinished Game!!!

The IDEA :eyebrowlift:

I deticate this thread for all those lost, abandoned games that never get finished. Instead of just wasting those megabytes of awesome blender game content, I think it should be put up for those who want to take over the game, and maybe finish it!

But why the hell should we do this? :spin:

  • Finished games - You’ve seen em’: All those threads and demos for awesome blender games that never end up getting finished. It could be taken over by another Blender Artist and finished!
  • LOTS of Finished games - You will see a lot more finished games, since there would be more people working on it.
  • Help n00bs - Help out those who are just starting in the game engine or just can’t think of a game idea. Maybe they just need a kick start!
  • Better game community - The more we share and work together, the stronger and more interesting the BGE community will be!
    To sum it up::cool:

So if you have a couple .blend files rotting away on your computer, put them up here! Who knows…someone could complete it for you! Just post the .blend, and maybe a few screenshots! Get people interested!

And if you don’t know where to start in your game, take a look at this thread once and a while, maybe new games will pop up. Because we all gave up on at least one game…:wink:


Oh by the way, at least have a little decent content in your game. We don’t want to take over a game that would take us 3 seconds to redo ourselves.


Game Name and file:
Short Description:
What you were hoping for the game and what you have already done:
screenies if available

Game Name: Flipper Cars -
Short Description: A three player game. Basically, try to knock your friends off the edge or flip them over. There are upgrades available that drop out of the sky (eg. Flying ninja stars.)
What you were hoping for the game and what you have already done: I was going to make more levels. Each a little different than before. I was also going to do a lot more upgrades that drop instead of only ninja stars flying out. I was going to do an upgrade that makes you bigger, one gives you a shield of invincibility…ect.

Game Name and file: Me and My Rifle -
Short Description: A sniper game with a lot of gore and vehicles… Mouse to aim, left mouse to shoot, wsad - walk, middle mouse button and scroll for scope.
What you were hoping for the game and what you have already done: A game where you could drive anywhere to take out your target. I have done the part where each limb flies off depending where you shoot the target.

I’ll post a few more if this thread catches on :wink:
A lot of my games don’t work in 2.49 :frowning:

That’s really an excellent idea! It would allow people bored by one of their game to see it finished, and not just remaining a project. The only thing is that people proposing their work should be able to put conditions, so that the finished game would be faithful to what they wanted to do.

I think this idea’s really cool! I would love to see it improve the Blender community more! if only more blender people knew about it and used it…

@vicmax - Thanks! Yes, in the game template, there is a part that says 'What you were hoping for the game and what is finished". That is where you put the “guidlines” for the game. But of course, the new developer doesn’t HAVE to follow the rule, but it is just a guide of how the original developer designed it.

@polyman - Thanks aswell! Hopefully this catches on and allows us to go deeper into the engine :slight_smile:

Hm, I too really like this idea! I’ve seen a ton of awesome looking games on these forums that looked liked they had a lot of content already made, but the project fell apart or the creator lost interest… I might even try adopting a game myself ;-).

I vote for a sticky! Nice idea! Would somebody like to take over my old project, Wolf? It should be back there a few pages back. I will post a link in a minute…here’s the link:

This is an awesome idea!

two things:

one, great idea! I’ll stop by sometime… I have way too many dead projects.

two, you might want to rephrase “kill n00bs”

curlystraw: ‘kill n00bs’ can mean two things, 1 is getting rid of n00bs by…being mean, non supportive, etc. 2 is getting rid of n00bs by making them experts, which is what I think he means there.

Yeah, I like the idea. Sticky vote. I can post a few projects up here later.

Nice one Zootanore! :stuck_out_tongue:



I vote for a sticky also. Great idea.

yeah, but wouldn’t saying: “lower amount of noobs” be better than saying kill them?
ehhh, to heck with it.

sorry if this seems like spam zootanore… so I’ll post a unfinished work. (why hasn’t anyone else done so yet?)
Yay! this was adopted!


gets my vote for sticky!!

Haha yea no harm meant there. I just meant that it gets rid of the “n00b” in us (teach them). I’ll rephrase it though :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the comments and votes guys!

Nice idea, but wouldn’t it be more helpful to encourage people to help out with a game that is currently active? With a currently active game a newbie could actually learn faster, as when they’re trying to figure out how something works, they actually have someone they can ask. Seems to me that the real problem is everyone trying to finish huge projects all by ourselves rather than learning to work in teams (which is how virtually every other completed game gets made).

I do think it would be nice to have all those unused assets lying around on peoples hard drives opened up and available to the community though.

Make this topic sticky, pleaze! :smiley:

Nothing gets stickied until it proves its worth. This thread is a good idea, but I’m not sticking it until I see that it’s actually going to get used, and not just be a flash in the pan.

I have to agree cause theres been like one or two games been puton here ither than zoo’s games…


Thats okay :wink: It’s not a big deal if this gets stickied or not. I’d just like to see some more games instead of comments.

ok, yeah guys, enough commenting. Let’s post some more games!

Its a good idea, I’m just not sure how many people will adopt one of these.

Heres one of mine, doesn’t have a name.
Its a rocket dodging game where the aim is to make it through a level whilst dodging rockets. Its pretty much done except for level design, player model, death, menus.

(Duplicate the turrent to make more rockets)


rockets.blend (883 KB)