Adopting vertex positions from one mesh to another

Hi there,

I have a use case that I think could make for a neat workflow between MakeHuman, ZBrush and Blender.

I have 2 models:

  • One is rigged and divided into vertex groups by MakeHuman.
  • The other is a slightly altered model imported from ZBrush with the same vertices, but with no rigging information.

I want the rigged MakeHuman model to adopt the shape of the altered one from ZBrush while keeping the rigging information. Is there currectly a way to do that?

If actually both meshes have the same number of vertices, and they are not reordered by zbrush, then you can merge the altered model as shape to the rigged one, that is: select the altered one, select the rigged, and from the object data panel, Shape Keys section, choose the ‘Join as Shape’ command from the down-arrow dropdown on the right.

If otherwise the vertex order was altered by zbrush, then you can try with a shrinkwrap modifier set to ‘nearest vertex’.


That sounds like it could work. Thanks very much! :slight_smile: