Adrift [updated 7.14.13]

adrift is my first game, but dont let that ruin your hopes!
i will give you an overview without ruining any of the plot points in case you guys actually want to play the game when its finished!
its set on an island. where the player has apparently been in a plane crash.
i wanted to convey a sort of confusion throughout the whole game and it starts when you press play. as soon as you hit it, your thrown onto the island where you awake with no memory of who you are, where you are, or why you apparently crashed. you are left to wander the island and try to figure out the answers to those questions, while also trying to make your way off the island. however in your travels, you begin to suspect you may not be alone on the island, or at least there was once someone stranded here like you are now…

PLEASE NOTE: this is not a zombie game. there are no enemies, there are no battles, there are no weapons. and better yet, there are even fewer answers.

i want this game to be [almost] totally text-less, to immerse you in the confusion.

STATUS: as of this post, i have the [nearly] final shape of the island, and most of the main, ground terrain textured in.
as well as most of the character movements.

heres an overview video

the ocean plane is purely a spaceholder for illustrations, and so is the sky. the ground texture needs some work too.
please excuse the loading time and crappy framerate in-game. the screen capture program was a lot more taxing than i anticipated.

A mystery-thriller with no combat or complex gameplay. A fantastic idea! Looking forward to seeing more.