Ads recently almost doubled in size

First off, I understand BA needs ad revenue, I’m ok with that and deliberateley deactivated my adblocker here.

With this out of the way, the thread-title pretty much says it all. From my observation, the average ad (both above the feature-row as well as within threads) almost doubled in (vertical) size (maybe a week or two ago).

Is there a reason for this?
Let me guess: It’s beyond the site owner’s control, it was done on behalf of the friendly greedy people scumbags at whatever ad-api-provider and their little algorithm-acolytes, right?

Anyway, I think it’s borderline really annoying as it is now, I hope this trend will not continue.

Can you share a screenshot please? I did t change anything.

Well I can give you a screenshot of what it currently looks like on my side, of course (on desktop).

On the other hand, I obviously can’t quite retroactively give you a screenshot of how those banners usually had about 60% their current vertical size until recently.

Well, OK, I guess this is about representative of what it used to be:

I’ve noticed the ad size being bigger as well. It’s not that big of a deal to me, but I understand this being pretty annoying to people. Especially if your on mobile, though I haven’t checked if it’s the same there.

I can confirm that ads are sudently much bigger than a few days ago, and it’s quite annoying …

See you :slight_smile: ++

on my end i had the same issue,even had ads inserted between posts.
i fixed the issue by logging out of gmail,and google.
this is on firefox win 10.there is another setting and as soon as i remember i will share.

On my pixel I can’t see anything but ad without scrolling.

Agreed, this is too big. I’m not sure why this happened as I didn’t change anything on our end. I’ve put this on my todo list for the next days.

For me, the ad service has not only started to deliver larger ads, but has started to deliver clickbait as well.

If it’s possible to keep the clickbait off, then that would be nice. Many of the claims that type of ad makes is downright false to begin with.

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Me too they are giant now=

oops forgot about the dual screen,sorry
fresh win 10 install,edge(for now)
Grrrrr….ad’s may be needed but these are is bad as the constant ad crap on my of course.

Same here. Still.

The advertising companies operate on the idea that, the more people that see your advertisement the more money they are going to get. They also believe the more times you see the advertisement the more money they will get. So they now have decided to make the advertisement take up half the page now. that means more people will see the advertisements.

They don’t care that the majority of hte people do not want advertisements. It’s the reason the majority of people use add blockers.

Google has been ‘optimizing’ our ads, and I have a hard time getting them back to the old size. Will keep working on it.