[Adult/Rigging] Paid 3D Female Fantasy Base Character

Edit: Please make sure to post your portfolio when contacting me. Also, please be aware that i am looking for artists who are capable of very high quality artstyle and work, please refrain from contacting me if you are new to 3D modeling or do not have sufficient experience.

No studios, i am looking for Freelancers.

Example Image https://i.imgur.com/94wFbTk.jpg


I do adult 3D image commissions and so far have been using a poorly ported self-made model that got the job done but had significant quality and workflow issues. I now need a high quality, professional 3D model that can be used for fast and easy posing and customization of the character.

Since i work a lot with Zbrush the model needs a good topology.

As the title says this model is used for adult artwork and should come with that functionality in mind.

  • One Female Fantasy 3D character.

  • Accurate reconstruction of the character according to images provided by me.

  • Accurate recreation of skin textures provided by me.

  • Functional sexual organs including rigging.

  • Functional mouth with tongue and teeth.

  • Easily sculptable.

  • Strong armature/rig that allows for easy and fast posing and animations.

  • Well rigged face and hands.

  • 5 base hairstyles from short to long with bones for quick editing. I am leaving the design to you.

  • Configurable eyes with control over shape and color.

I will provide some images and skin diffuses. The face textures can be used either directly or copied from, but the body textures can not be used. They only serve as reference.

Please be aware that i am looking for an exceptional artstyle. It is very important that the typical high-poly 3D look that can be seen with softwares such as Daz3D is avoided.

Ready to discuss

hello i have sent you a pm please check it, thanks regards Chris.

I’m interested.

My instagram is @rasaralaya

DM with any questions.

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