Advanced Addons Installer

Browser to directly apply things on selection, when confirm

1-install/reload selected ADDON(S)

“Update” option (in browser):

  • on: install greater version number. reload if same
  • off: previous version allowed (actual version disabled)
  • avoids dupplicates (same content but different file name)
  • get the list of all installed addons in a folder. in console or a text file

2-install folder as an addon

  • detecting “” inside

3-install/reload active file from TEXT EDITOR

4-run scripts (single file .py)

5-location and options

-Blender icon menu:

  • install/reload addon
  • clean dupplicates and lower versions
  • remove fake-modules
  • last installed addons (result in console)
  • restart blender (temp.blend if not saved)

-text editor

  • creates a quick favorite ‘Ctrl+Q’
  • install/reload addon
  • install/reload from Text Editor

N.B you can check messages in the console


I fixed multi addon installation. error of indentation…


Huge thank you! with lots of blender versions and tons of addons versions it’s absolutely must have feature!

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Can I suggest a feature?:

  • Generate a folder (letting the user chose the path) containing all the addons added&enabled by the user -> within that folder it create a readme file containing all the names of the enabled addons (including the bundled ones within Blender, which are listed in the bottom/top part)

new feature:
get the list of the installed addons in a folder. in the console or in a text file in the same folder
explanations on this short video