Advanced Eyelid Rig

Hello everybody!

This is my first post here, so if somesomething is out of place I am sorry.

Right now I am building this weird eye-moster-thing. I’m completly new to rigging, so I rigged the eye with a Tutorial. From where is stand it looks quite well (critics welcome). So now I have this setup where basicly everything follows the selected bone (track to). The eyelids move a little with it whenever it rotates.

But I although want to use it when the eye is closed, so that you can see the lens moving under the eyelid.

How can I set up a rig, where the “eyelid” mesh moves away when the lens is beneath it?

Use a shrinkwrap modifier for the eyelids so they follow the lens would be my first guess. You can assign only the required vertices to the shrinkwrap mod using a vertex group, that way the eyelids maintain their distance from the lens as you move it.

Cheers, Clock.

Another solution is a warp modifier. What it does is it creates a basic transform (trans/rot/scale) on the mesh depending on the transformation difference between two objects (can be parented to bones for easier control). In your case that would mean creating another bone, child of the eye bone, with a slight offset (towards the way it is looking) and adding the warp mod to your eyelid mesh, linked to these two bones (well actually linked to two objects parented to these two bones).

Another way is to parent the eyelid bones to another bone in the center of your sphere (parent that to the head) and use that bone to close and open the eyelids with the shrinkrap and solidify.eyelid.blend (515 KB)

Thank you so much for you replies :smiley: - It took a few day to pop up since I am a new user and then semester ending striked. I am now picking up the projekt.

The shrinkwrap works perfect, thanks all :*