Advanced Missile

My latest finished project:

Advanced Missile with transportation crate and mounting device for helicopters or similar.

Nothing special, hope u like it nevertheless! :slight_smile:

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Looks cool!

Thanks NID Graphics! :o

I like those Transportation crates. How hard was it to do the eggshell foam?

Doing the eggshell foam actually was not so hard:

First of all I created the basic shape of the geometry.
Then I created a normal-map for the eggshell-structure:

  1. -Create a plane and divide it several times
    -In edit mode I selected all vertices, then hit Select - >Checker-Deselect

  2. -Move the selected vertices in z direction upwards
    -Ctrl-I to invert the selection an move those vertices in z direction downwards.
    -Add subdivision modifier and smooth shading

  3. -Bake out the deformed mesh onto a flat plane as normal map
    -Texture paint this normal map onto your foam-model wherever you need it.

I hope my explanation was clear! :wink:

Nice work! The materials could use some work, but the modeling is spot on! :wink:

Wow! That is way easier than I would have imagined. Gonna keep this method in my handy bag of tricks for later.

Nice work, ever try animating a thruster fire/smoke jet?

how is cycles and volumetrics doing these days?

Thx… Sorry, but I have little to no experience with cycles and volumetrics. Need to dig into this soon! Same goes for animating a thurster fire/smoke jet! :o