advanced modeling tutorial

hi , i know the basics of modelling and i want to learn more , could you guys tell me witch modelling tutorials you think are great , and helped you to be a better modeller.

i’ve been looking around but i cant find nice ones , i started doing the bsod modelling one but it is a bit unclear.

so whitch nice modelling tutorials you recomend me.

Look at here:

Research first, then ask. Remember…google is your FRIEND. Anyway…try going through the Blender Wiki. There are tons of great tutorials there! Apart from that just search on google. There are tons there too! Sorry…I don’t really know any links off of the top of my head though :frowning:

Thats pretty good one


P.S. Sorry…couldn’t resist haha…I don’t think you’re stupid though…just need to research.

ai my friend , because i allready checked lots of tutos on google and done many of them , and i seem not to find nice advanced ones i asked here. i know google is my friend but sometimes other people can help me out in a more detailed way
thanx anyway. ;D

Actually, I learn a lot watching video tutorials. Once you know the tools, work flow becomes the issue. Watching other people work is invaluable. A couple good written tutorials are BSoD Character Animation and the classic Joan of Arc. Also check out video tutorials for other 3DCG packages such as Maya and 3dsmax. Even though the keystrokes are different, you learn how to approach projects such as modeling a person, or an ear, or a car.

What kind of modeling are you interested in? Mechanical, organic, human, architectural, all have different styles and techniques.

Well…all I would truly suggest is practice…if you know the tools then just pretend like the mesh is clay and model it into something you like. That way you can develop your own style instead of just being able to model what tutorials teach you…anyway…sorry that I don’t know any good sites…but practice is all I can suggest…


That site is rather inactive lately but if you have the time to browse it there’s lots to learn.