Advanced Particle-Hair Tutorials?

Okay I know the basics (quick effects and such), but how come every time I do it it looks like my model has the mange or something. The model has bald spots all over it. Most of these bald spots look like the hairs are pointing down inside of it. I know my normals are correct. I have also spent some time in particle edit mode, without much success. I have used blender for years, but particle-hair has always eluded me. With the new hair in cycles I really want to give it a try. Any videos or tutorials would be greatly appreciated. All the ones I find don’t use meshes any more complicated than a ball. I can do that. What I’m trying to is something like a monkey.

acklavidian: Here is one I did a while back, I’ll have to redo it. Its using BI but I am sure its the same for cycles. Its only the rendering part that is different.

If you still have a lot of question after that, don’t hesitate. I am not too bad with fur :wink:

Happy blending :wink:

Hello, I need help, are you available ?