advanced Quake 3 .map exporter porting from 2.49 to 2.62 is needed!

Is there anyone who would be interested in porting advanced Quake 3 .map exporter (exports any mesh into brushes intelligently keeping prisms or creating brush per triangle; exports entities and misc_models, etc.) from Blender 2.49 to Blender 2.62 (and once B-Mesh is established and robust builds are out, into 2.63+) ?

hi, i have gtk-radiant on my schedule, but dont know the timeline.
There is always something new – may it bugs - old - or made
by myself.
I am now at the point i got the basic setup for models finished.
Last point was the weapon muzzle-flash and shell-ejection.
Have already looked at the availabilty of gtkradiant,
last time i used it is some years ago and i shure need
again some time to get into it.
funny things about this for old-style et with new etxreal-engine:

Hehe, cute :slight_smile: Why didn’t you use DarkPlaces engine?

The exporter is still here: _t_p:// and the example map is here: _t_p://

I wish I was a coder, as I would actually use another .ASE exporter for misc_model entities and a customizable extra entities designer might want to add to the map (whether through external file or whatnot).

I’d be totally interested in doing this… for monetary compensation. :wink:

What would be the $$$ ?

Really depends on how bad you want it…

I have to go back to work to make my rent money (usually work 2 or 3 weeks and take a couple weeks off) so wouldn’t even be able to start on this until the beginning of next month – so there’s that. Plus my sister graduates in the beginning of June so can’t really slack off too much next month since she’ll be the first Dr in the family and is still a little bitter over me missing her last graduation (which really wasn’t completely my fault).

Basically, if you really need it we can make some sort of deal but if you just ‘kind of need it’ then it’ll be a while.

Well, I need it, but I can wait until June, when you have free time (and I have monies to pay you, hopefully, unless it will be free). The thing is, if I can make levels in Blender and use NetRadiant only to assemble it and set some global parameters and compile the map, I think I can be more productive.

i use etxreal cause its the new gpl-opened engine from iD and i know from my gaming-experience some years ago, that this engine could easy handle maps with more than 60 players online (all this enemy-territory based stuff some might remember). For the map-editor i am not shure about the state of gtk-radiant and what are the options to get easy some map-design from blender to it.

there are some interesting news/infos.

Like with the mdm/mdx-exporter (player-generation) at some points its a pain to work in blender. So for the mdm/mdx i only made an export of the animation or mesh-data in python pickle format. This is a quick export inside blender for a few hundred animation frames and the seperate transform in an pure python prog. only reading this data is quick like hell (but inside blender the same would always use a lot of time, because the steps through all frames need to be done again).

And last the evolution for this “old engine” is very nice. The etxreal thing has setup the complete rendering to glsl and this uses the graphics-card more than before. Example the usage of the mesh-calculation based on bones - even for my old nvidia card it can use over 100 bones to do the calculation in the card … and the usage of glsl-shaders with its scripting may offer a lot of changes (even cartoon-like rendering without change of the game-data) for future enhancements. And
they did add things like normal-bump-mapping, that were not available in the old version.

Some things go slow … for example one next i add for the md3-exporter is a simple option to render only one frame, because these is more easy than always to change the framenumbers and i need to export parts of an animation setup in different ways, some with animation and some only the static meshes in different scaling and combination.