Advanced Transform

Could you add option to still type numeric value while using your tool? Its good for fast movement and rotation, but if you want exact angle of 33.23 its really hard :smiley: I really like this idea going to take it for a test run and see if it fastens my workflow.

Just start the rotation with the left mouse button and enter the value

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Really great addon !

My first thought :

  • You need to keep the normal behavior of the transform tools.

If we press G, X, that must be in X.
Same for R > X > 90, right now we cannot do this.
if we press GG, SS or RR too, right now, we cannot make a RR to free rotation or GG to slide a vertex, maybe ma a pass throught to those shortcuts.

  • Add a shortcuts in the header when we are in the modals to know what we can do.
  • The echap must be pressed several times to exit some actions.
  • You need to keep constancie, for example, in grab mode, MMB give the possibility to use the normal behavior, but not in rotate mode.

You did not fully understand what this addon is made for. I made it to avoid keyboard shortcuts like G, X or R, X.
In any case, they are available; you will simply need to start the transformation before using them.
Regarding MMB, this bug exists only on the standard blender layout; I use Maya and there is no such issue there. I tried to fix it, but I did not find out what’s the reason for it.
About the escape, I did not notice it, but even if it is there, it’s probably not possible to fix it, since escape completes the script anyway.
If you can provide an example where free rotation is useful, I will make the MMB for rotation.
As for the shortcuts in the header, there is a problem, but I’m sure it can be easily solved.
I also plan on adding a slide by edge to the Shift key and make a reference to the center of the edge and the center of the polygon.

Yes I understand correctly your addon, but if I use it, I loose the normal behavior of the transform tools.
The best will be to have your options and the normal behavior on the middle mouse for example.

I use a lot the free rotation, it’s usefull when you want to rotate your object on all the axis at the sime time.

OK, I’ll do it. Can I ask you to record a video where you can tell about the possibilities of this addon? My knowledge of English allows me to do this. . .

Ok will try to make it :wink:

It would be nice to see some day from you add on which add functionality like modo workplane or, i guess you came from xsi - there also are the functions… you know it. Your skills in scripting grow on eyes - may be you will be interesting in this direction. Thanks for all your addons!

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Can not you do that with a custom transform orientation?

Thanks guys!
Try this addon

i tried it before - it very frequently makes blender crash. And it not convenient

Some kind - but with workplane you have separated, custom oriented grid with all benefits of it - snapping, visual representation of orientation, snapping for pivot on custom plane…etc

Suport X Y Z
Suport R for Rorate
Suport G for Translate in Edit mode
Add helpers text =

fix double press MMB

This newest version is a blast, it keeps old behavior but gives user option to use these fast transform abilities very well done!

Darcvizer, that looks really cool! Well thought out and made!
I was able to edit the script to integrate it into my setup with a different hotkey, and slightly different behavior.

Wasn’t able to donate as I had already downloaded using “$0”, so it treated the addon as purchased when I tried to donate later. So i Donated on the Dextructive Extrude addon instead :slight_smile:


I’ll send you my edits in case you want to take a look.

0rAngE Thanks!

could not tick the addon settings. If you make addon settings I’ll add these changes to the add-on and point you out as a co-author

Thought I’d send you my edits to the addon.

What I had edited was I wanted to trigger the AdvTransform with Ctrl+MMB.
The edits I had done are in the MMB section.
Basically as a byproduct of the edits, if you just click MMB to enter ScreenTransform you can now exit more efficiently using the LMB (in the original if you click LMB it does not exit transform on that first LMB click).

It’s a minor thing, but some edits I had to do in order to have the Transforms triggered with CTRL+MMB.

0rAngE change file -

Just bought it. Nice addon. I wish for 2 features:

  • hold ctrl as 15deg snap modifier for rotation (just to be consistent with blender). So we have left click, and leftclick + ctrl
  • when typing 90 (deg), during rotating right - I wish it would rotated 90 in right direction, and if user was rotating left, same 90 deg input, would rotate left. this would eliminated need to +/- sign for rotation value.
  • I guess same feature would be helpful for translation - if we move right typing 2 would move object 2units right, if we move left, it would move automatically in negative direction.

Same for the scale to align vertices, if you have a selection, make the scale with the direction, +X or -X and maybe with Y to scale at the center.

Haven’t tested the last version yet ^^

Thank you!

  1. this is not possible since I make the standard rotation and there the ctrl button is already occupied, it simply will not work, also with shift. I can not force the rotation tool to close, it can only be done by the user.
  2. I tried to do it, but I did not have enough wit to figure out how to implement it. Maybe when I am more experienced I will return to this.
  3. I do not understand what you want, please explain in more detail.

@Darcvizer - typing numerical value moves the object in the direction of the mouse movement, no matter if we are moving in negative axis direction.

Move right, type 20 - you go 20 in that direction. Move left, type 20 (no matter that you are going in negative x direction), you go 20 to left (no need for typing minus). Rotate at any direction, type 45, you go 45 degrees in that direction. Add ‘minus’, and you go in the opposite direction from the mouse.

The program would listen to user’s +/- value in relation to movement of the cursor, not abstract global coordination. That would be very intuitive.

This addon is fabulous, though it took a little while to get a handle on how things work.

I had a similar idea to this, but it involved rolling the middle mouse wheel to cycle through the x-y-z axis. Since I am an artist and not a coder I was never able to implement it.

One thing that disturbs me is that it constantly turns on the “release confirms” checkbox in the options menu. This is very dangerous to have turned on when speed modelling. 0_0

Still, thanks for the great addon :slight_smile: I will play with it and see how much time this saves me!