Advanced Transform


(Darcvizer) #41

Thank you, with the release of 2.8 I will update the addon

(Michael Weisheim Beresin) #43

Thanks for this addon it saves so much time. Would be very cool to see this addon in 2.8 . Its a very useful tool! If it would be somewhere on the store i would purchase it.

(Darcvizer) #44

Of course! This addon has a high priority for me, but since everyone is waiting for a destructive extrude, I must first complete it

(Bracer) #45

Can you please just implement this gizmo ?
It is visually so straight forward.
This is 3DS Max’s Gizmo.
One look at it and you understand how to move two axis at the same time or just one axis, it is so intuitive.
I have no idea why Blender can’t just have this.

The whole having to look down press G and then Shift+Z to move in X and Y axis is so stupid, using 3DS Max’s Gizmo, all I have to do is to click on the bottom square ! Don’t even have to look down at the keyboard !

I was that guy that made the video introducing your extrude plugin, thank you !

(Zuorion) #46

And whats wrong with those small planes?

(Bracer) #47

I am using 2.79B :frowning:

(Darcvizer) #48

The idea of ​​this script exactly that would get rid of gizmo

(Bracer) #49

I couldn’t get your script to work, like how does it actually work ?
Press G and then move in the direction of the plane for the script to detect and display the correct plane and then click and move ? I have no idea how to make it work, it keeps on displaying the same plane.

(Darcvizer) #50

And here the standard hotkey “G” to my addon?
You yourself must assign hotkeys, I have so

(Bracer) #51

Thank you for the screen shot, it explains the key mapping perfectly.
I couldn’t get the move to work.
The visual plane is shown yes.
But it stays on the same plane it never changes, the plane is always on the Y axis.
I have no idea how to make it change axis.

Edit, Ok I now know how to make it change axis…by rotating the viewport…but why would I ever want to do that ? I have the viewport exactly where I want it, why would I ever want to have to rotate the view just so that I can move at a certain plane ?

(Michael Weisheim Beresin) #52

Its a bit different workflow, which is amazing, once you learn to use it. I had the mostly same experience with 3dsmax, but after i used nvil ( which have similar transform behavior) it makes sense. It allows you to work completely without gizmo. PS: life is so boring in 2.8 without this addon :slight_smile:

(Michael Weisheim Beresin) #53

@Darcvizer. Btw, if you port this addon to 2.8. Is it maybe possible to have the option in prefences -to completely hide this helping workplane and this lines for axis, when you move and scale the object? If you work long enough with this workflow, there is no need to see the helpers anymore and allows better overview. Only important would be the rotation degree notification, but nothing else.

(Darcvizer) #54

Sorry, my knowledge of the language is not enough to help you …

(Darcvizer) #55

I cannot hide the axis lines as the transform shows them by default, for this you need to edit the source code. Yes, you can add a check mark to hide it. In fact, it was only because of her that I still did not update this scrith. I can not figure it out in the gpu model.

(Michael Weisheim Beresin) #56

Ah ok i understand. Тогда ждём релиза на 2.8 :slight_smile:

(Bracer) #57

I don’t get the “enlightenment” of this process…
Say if the viewport is your typical isometric view [but perspective view].
I appreciate the ability to move y OR x by moving the mouse, but if this add-on is to be ACTUALLY useful, it would make it move BY DEFAULT on the X+Y plane !

And, by what viewing “threshold” does it decide I am trying to move via z axis ?
It’s seems arbitrary…

It’s too gimmicky man…

(Darcvizer) #58

This is an absolutely intuitive process. You see from which side you look at the object.

(Michael Knubben) #59

You can’t go into the thread for someone’s addon and tell them that you don’t want the addon… That’s just ridiculous!

(FinalBarrage) #60

Alright i have to shut you down here sir. What the gizmo looks like is completely irrelevant. Its just a gizmo, its straight forward regardless of how it looks. If you only like 3DS max’s gizmo, then use 3DS max.

This is completely subjective. It is a gimmic, but its a cool one. And if the people using it like it, then great for them! You gain nothing by criticising it if you have no intention of using it.