Advanced Transform

Blender can do this with standard tools, just need a little ingenuity.
Make a custom orientation, use faces snapping , and use castrains.
Just as in the video can not.

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1)Возможно ли сделать чтобы в настройках аддона можно было менять хоткеи?
2)можно ли сделать чтобы при активации grab не нужно было кликать левой кнопкой(чтобы было как по дефолту - жмем g и сразу происходит перетаскивание)?Или так аддон не будет работать, если сделать возможность менять хоткеи в самом аддоне?

Seems like it breaks (Rotation Move and Scale in Edit -/ Pose Mode) if you use it on an armature with the transform orientation to normal:

Latest Blender Version on Windows:

2019-07-05 16:36

Влад, привет.
Подскажи, пожалуйста, а можно ли сделать вот так, как на первом видео?

У меня получается только вот так

Hey. Forgive my complicated time and very little free time. I will check it out as I get back to working out.

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К сожалению нет. Возможно добавлю к todo

Fix side rotation
download from gumroad
it work with Blender 2.80 Release Countdown

Hi, thanks for great add-on, but how I can change MMB to another button?
I use Magic Mouse

Tried this addon yesterday and was surprised how quickly I could adapt to the new transform tools. It just makes sense I guess. Keep up the good work!

However I think there’s one downside: contrary to Blender defaults (and the UV editor) you need to press another button after hitting a transform key. For moving, I’d suggest the two-axis-translation to be enabled by default instantly. Free resize for scale and one-axis rotation for rotate.


Awesome! you are really onto something here. I like in particular how the translate works so it autodetects the best axis based on the camera. Reminds me of modo!
Currently I have this setup as an alternate tool, so I have not replaced my standard blender grab/rotate/scale tools but instead use them in conjunction.
I think the ideas of this tool could be somehow integrated with Blender’s main transform tools.

Like someone else said here, its too bad with this method you can no longer freely move an object without doing a mouse click (like g/s/r currently do) since this is quire a nice feature in Blender.

My current hotkey is using (hold)Q+S/G/R
(I’ve set quick favorites to appear on button release instead of press so it won’t interfere with advanced transforms hotkey)

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В каком месте в коде находятся прописанные клавиши - LMB для перемещения по одной оси, RMB для перемещения по двум осям?Возможно ли изменить RMB например на C + LMB или на другую комбинацию ?

This is an English speaking community, please don’t post in Russian.


Theoretically possible. It’s difficult in practice, the fact is that each button has its own event, and it’s quite difficult to work with several events at once

I’m afraid you’re out of luck. While there is no way to switch hotkeys

Yes uv will be in the next update

Understood nothing :grimacing:

He means that with the default grab/scale/rotate commends, you press the hotkey and if you move the mouse without clicking you’re freely moving/scaling/rotating. Here, you always need to click to select an axis.

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I also suggested making such a method without clicking the mouse

It will be in addon preferences!


it would be nice if you give us the ability to customize in preferences what each mouse click does! (no mouse press= free move, LMB= move on one axis, etc)

That would be amazing, thank you!

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