Advanture of Tanu (REAL TIME)

another little short from Weybec ,

done in Blender PBR

hope you guys like it


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Wow. Amazing animation. Using real time graphics looks good too.

not letting this go down, UP you go. GREAT WORK!

Awesome work!
Is this done with blender internal o cycles? Can someone point me to a tutorial to achieve similar results?

thank you so much man

this was done in Cycles PBR branch , and i think at the moment there are not much documentation available about it on the net , but you can always check the thread of PBR branch under code development section

Wow that’s amazing.

Personally, I think that you should re-visit the character’s eyebrows.

“No, I’m serious.”

When I first looked at this character in “the lineup of square images at the top of the web-page screen,” I found that my gaze was immediately … and, negatively … drawn to “those eyebrows.”

First, that they seemed to crash-into and therefore disrupt “the eye.” Second, that they were “totally black.” Third, that they were not even anti-aliased. In short, they did not seem to be (as would have been anticipated …) “a smudge upon the surface of the character’s skin,” but, “a hard-edged square black rectangle, suspended above it.”

That was great. Loved the ending.

Well, this was fun to watch!

Wow I love everything about this Anaimation…
the modeling the Texturing…

wow!! this is just fantastic!

great work!

Thanks draguu

So awesome !

This was awesome to watch, and great to see the Blender Cycles PBR branch getting some love!

may have to talk you into letting us in on how you did your Materials…

Crazy - fantastic work man!

this is all just "Blender PBR " rendering? looks perfectly fitting!

yes indeed :slight_smile:

nice work! Very nice shading.

Nice 1, I just love this cartoon style. My congratulation.

Nice work man!

Seen this featured in the talk at the blender conference about viewport 2.8 :slight_smile: