Advent Children

Does anyone know what software was used to make FFVII Advent Children?

Many people seem to be interested in with which software successful CG movies were made…
I don’t know. But is it that important to know?
Whatever they used, you probably can’t afford it :smiley:

it was probobly a combination of different softwear

but most likely made with a homebrew app or just streight out maya

i think it was some maya but mostly a home-brewed applications from what I remember of the behind the scene special feature on the DVD I have.

What is that is that Final Fantasy movie (cloud?:confused: )

Yeah it a final fantsay movie based after the story of the original final fantasy 7 game. It is called “Final Fantasy 7: Advent Child” I think.

I absolutely LOVE it. They had an expert on female expressions working for them, so all the expressions are really good. I wondered about the software, but I seem to remember Maya had a big part, especially the cloth. But remember, In that kind of a project, each animator is likely to only be responsible for about 10 minutes of the movie, working over a year. If you worked full time on it, it would take you a week just for 5 seconds of animation. If you’re willing to do that, you’ll get awsome animation, but because it’s so short, it’ll hardly be worth it. It’s best to do a whole length short, and improve the quality according to how many people are helping you, rather than spend your whole life on a production quality animation by yourself. As far as the modelling however, That is often possibly by yourself. But the more realistic it is, the harder it is to animate.

It’s all about the renderer. (I think they use a custom one for the FF movies)

Since that’s what makes all the effects in the first place.

The modelling could be done in blender just the same IMO.

I’ve read several report on Pixar and their inner workings. They, in the beginning, used a lot of the commerical products, but as they honed their skills and needs they developed their own (as already mentioned) “home brewed” stuff. I would assume Sony did the same, or has done the same.

However, I wouldn’t get hung up on it, Blender in the right hands can do anything you see in the CG world. (with other apps of course as well)

Blender FTW!


hmm, personally, i’d have to say that the renderer was almost exclusively home-brewn, in-house, though this would be opinion. the movie was made by SquareEnix, and despite their total awesomeness, they are a bit obnoxious. i doubt they’d settle for anything less than a rendering environment that they made. then again, if i had that many programmers and artists working for me, i wouldn’t either.

In terms of modeling, texturing, and animation, I don’t see anything in those movies that couldn’t be done in Blender, worst-case, with scripted enhancements.

The software they used probably isn’t common stateside, and even if they used something common (3D Max/Maya/etc), they probably have a crap-ton of in-house tools that aren’t available anywhere else.

Most of what makes that movie look nice are the renderer (isn’t blender’s vertex motion blur capable of similar effects in action shots?) and the animation constraints (to make the hair look right). There’s probably a custom simple cloth solver with animatable controls to get their coats to move just right…

But seriously, with an equivilantly large workforce (how many people work on the average Final Fantasy game? 400-800?) and a phenominal producer/director team you could do this in blender easy.

If you’re trying to make something with a similar look, good luck. It’s hard, especially by yourself.

Maya was used in the first movie, since there was a “how awsome is maya and how it was use in FF SW” video, but in those sort of videos you wouldnt know if they used competiting software anyway.

I’m sure blender is capable of being used and while I havnt used maya, i’m pretty sure it will leave blender in the dust, an people really cant spend 20 years making a single movie.

Orange (elephants dream) took 6months? for 10 mins/ *12 = 6 years… for a 2 hour movie.

You forgot to take in account the amount of people that worked on Orange, as opposed to the amount of people that usually works on a feature film.

Most feature film animated movies do take about 5-6 years to make. So having 12 people take 6 years for a feature film movie is doing pretty well.

They used Renderman for the first Final Fantasy movie. I’ve heard that they used Maya for modelling and Max for effects, like that green stuff at the end. They might of used mentalRay, but I’m not sure. I knwo they used Maya, though.

well, there are alot of factors to consider and pixar is a profiting company, there is no room for error so they employ more people naturally. They also do other productions, such a commercials (not for the movie) and so on, which orange did not.

Now, im not trying to bash orange or blender, I am only trying to point out that while blender is capable, it is not the most productive in this task, which is maya and so on are being used. It’s a multi milllion dollar market where 30million + is their budget they cant afford to use software like blender for the majoirty…

Most feature film animated movies do take about 5-6 years to make. So having 12 people take 6 years for a feature film movie is doing pretty well.
I was under the impression finding nemo took 2 years to make… and judging by the realease dates, most of the other only take a couple of years too.

most major gaming companies and movie companies use homebrew aplications as they are much easier to mod without sharing their innerworkings with the communities or breaking any copyright laws

plus i think making one app and spending like 100k on its development would be better then buying 50 licenses for maya (as an example) and spending the same ammount. its just so much cheaper to do a homebrew then fork out a million buks just on the softwear.

as stated above, companies dont want competition on the market so there would be no point of sharing how they made sertain things in their animations, and the ezest thing to do is develop an app that no one else has or can copy off you