Advent Rising 2

They promised us a trilogy, but canceled it after the first one, leaving us with a major cliffhanger. I am tired of waiting around hoping they will make the next. They won’t. I decided it’s up to the fans to finish this amazing series. I can do most of the programming, but I cannot do the art or the story. I need your help to make this game a reality.

To show I am serious about making a sequel for this I have created a demo.

I tried to duplicate the controls from the PC version of the game. It still needs some work, but it’s on the right track.

WASD and mouse for movement, scrollwheel for selecting targets, holding left mouse button for levitation.

They promised us a trilogy, but canceled it after the first one

… for good reason. When the game was released, it has many bugs and glitches. The controls were awful and now you copy them. in my opinion that is not a good starting point.

There are a lot of people that loved the game, including the controls. This project is for them. Just because you think it is awful does not mean everyone else shares your opinion.

loved the game, but the controls could be improved.

I loved the game and I wish they would make the sequel already. Unfortunately I just started learning blender and I am a noob to CG and I don’t know if I would be of any help as I don’t know unity either. Perhaps I could help you in a couple of months after I become acquainted with blender and unity. In any case I wish you luck in your endeavors.

Any help is better than none. This project will take a while to complete, so I am sure your skills will improve before this is finished.

There were glitches with the controls, for me this was very evident in the console version but completely fixed in the PC version. Not to mention the recent update. The game died because of lawsuits and like many great movies and games only because there were other projects with higher bidders out there. There has never been any game more deserving of a remake and today’s hardware is perfect for it. I can help with the story, I’d love to, and I hope the whole gaming world is watching.