Adventure Game Example(UPDATE)

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arrow keys = move
spacebar = jump
p = pause

V1 includes :-
1.basic movement
3.character animations
4.pause menu
5.basic enemy system
7.crushing enemies(like mario crushes goomba) over screen
9.player hurt(when it collide enemy)

watch this

V2 includes-

  1. cannon
  2. enemy die with cannonball
  3. player hurts with cannon ball
  4. game overs when player falls off the level

V3 includes-
a drowning system and pushbox system you can push boxes in water and walk over them

V4 includes-
sounds and particles,some bug fixes,improved game over screen

PS: i have edited video and overlayed sounds and i forgot to add jump sounds in some jumps(fraps didnt recorded sounds;))

V5 includes-
added main menu and moving platform

download from drive

ask me if you have any questions or if you want any video tutorial about this game

What?no replies?:mad:
At least give me feedback or suggestions or something…

ah the loneliness of the game maker…
Here’s some feedback:
your game example its not a “good” one, in my opinion!
The “game mechanics” are well made, but the “gameplay” its quite confusing and hard to understand ( the red dog? for ex.).
But, thank you anyway!

Nice to see that there are user moderators here

I have to agree with OTO’s feedback saying

your game example its not a “good” one, in my opinion!

There are many aspects that a total beginner should have that aren’t in the game. Some things may be:
Where’s the real, most up-to-date file? I see two, but there may be more
Camera tracking to be able to avoid clipping, or going through objects
basic python code
an objective for the game

I may decide to create a beginner demo game for you as an example
sorry if this feedback is a little depressing

oh thanks for replies!
sorry guys i know it isn’t a good example for total beginners… i wanted to make a tutorial series for that but…
the viewers and my family members will laugh on me if i narrated it. since i am an indian guy and only 15 years old my english isn’t perfect. my family members will look at me and say “oh look at him what’s he doin??? lol” and viewers will say “this guy doesn’t explanes things in good way”

i like helping people .that’s what i am trying to do
enjoy the blend file to make it easy to understand i’ve written about sensors and actuators in their names

It’s fine. It doesn’t matter if you have an accent, if your English is not that great. There are actually people who speak French and Spanish and create tutorials in their own languages. You can do the same, only in hindi :slight_smile:
It’s awesome that you want to help people out, just keep doing it here. in this forum, you can practice your grammar and vocabulary, in turn helping your teaching skills

There are people here who are also doing what you are doing, and that’s great (practicing English, I mean)
I might post an geometric FPS demo as an example

Oh man!
People in the forum are really cheerful and kind.
But in my opinion making tutorials in hindi is useless because there’s not much scope in game creating in india(i make games just because it’s creative not to earn money) , and people who often ask me to teach them game creation creep out after it start getting complicated to understand. It irritates me

Here’s my opinion.

Don’t let language becomes a barrier. For me, its interesting to see tutorials (with amazing result) that are straight forward using basic English + local slang + jokes. It might be informal but it makes learning fun and easier to remember (the tutorial and the guy).

I would love to see tutorials from other country that includes local arts, local patterns, local structure/model/design, local mixture of colours, etc.

PS: I’ve seen some European/American plants grow in the Vietnam jungle in fps.

At first glance it looks to be a good learning foundation to build from. It has the basic mechanics and if anyone needed that little bit to prime their own efforts it would be a good tool. Personally I hope you keep producing these, I admit from what little reading I have done on the blender game engine there is debate as to its viability due to that whole gpl thing , But even that aside those are skills that can be ported elsewhere to great effect.

thanks for your opinions friends i’ll try to make tutorials too

Hi,Thanks for sharing :3 it looks pretty nice I will try it out and give you some feed back as soon as i can.

Hello again,
try to place the same “game elements” in a different scene/situation, maybe?

@OTO awwwwwww… what?:wink:

check first post

uploaded all files on google drive so that guests can also download files and all updates in first post

You probably should use the “edit post” button at the bottom of a post for updating. This would save me page uploading time as well as not having to go though posts I could easily skip

just a suggestion :slight_smile:

oh, and also, your next step should be moving the camera by clicking and dragging the mouse, or zooming in or out with the mouse in-game
Making good progress

UPDATED yeah!!!:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
it’s the first project of mine for which i am serious
check first post