Adventure room1 and char

I hope you like it

Blender Screenshots

Wow, I like especially, the character, very cool.

Yes, I definitely do! Great atmosphere and the character looks cool. I especially like the worn look of the materials…

VERY nice… character design is great… and the textures are fantastic.

tell me more about this game…


Wow, fantastic work! Both the character and the environment have such a beautiful atmosphere, and are very well designed and thought through. I’ll add my name to the ‘more information!’ petition :slight_smile:

Very cool render, nice materials and textures. You defently show us how to turn low-poly rooms in nice hight poly looking renders :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow! Great, that´s the 5th adventure game I know being developed with Blender :smiley:

Great work :slight_smile: What it wil be? Classic point-n-click? 1st person or 3rd? Do you use any free engine (like WME, AGS ect.) or your own?

I am looking forward to see more, good luck :slight_smile:

Texturing is fantastic and I love the character. Excellent design.


Ya know that room looks like it was pulled straight from one of the Silent Hill games. Very cool. Good job!

That room sets the mood very nicely. I can’t quite tell if there’s a little distortion in the object on the far wall slightly left of our point-of-view… is that a tree trunk?

Anyhow, the lighting is great (ceiling light too, very nice). And it’s just brimming with atmosphere. I guess I’m a little surprised to see light-switches on the wall of such a place; I guess that’s what they are.

A little high poly for a game…? Looks awesome though!

I love it! Can’t wait to try this.

You don’t understand. A 2d Adventure game.

Oh my…

thx for your good featback :smiley:

I hope that i can publish a demo game (3 rooms and 2 Chars) in two or three month. But before I have to do some more work to create rooms and Chars. About the story, i hope to bring up a small website in a few weeks. With more informations. But at the moment I have to do more work on my Concept. So keep patient and look out for more pictures in the near future.

and sorry for my bad english

hehheh… everytime I show a game character here, someone brings this up, always…
todays games have ruined the youth :slight_smile: just remember people, not every game (thank god) are running with 3d engine.

there was times, even, when adventure game graphics were hand drawn you know…

oh, and back to the subject… I’m looking forward for the web page.


My god… it’s the… RoboNazi…

Sorry… I got baffoons sense of humor…

But anyways, the charcter really looks cool. Nice texturing and modeling. room’s not bad either.

such nice work. Great feel on both char and environment.
I await your website…