Adventure Time – Finn model

This is my finished Finn model i’ve been working on and i just finished the rig.

Mathematical! I love it! :smiley:
He has great vibrant colors, looks almost exactly like the show (i think if anything he may be a tad short),

Fin is a basic character and i think you did a very great job at keeping that simplicity in this model and rig. He almost looks ready for a video game what with all his little weapons and stuff there :slight_smile:

Algebraic! Thanks man! :slight_smile:
I will make Finn taller to be more proportional like in the 2d version. Actually you’re saying simplicity, but i spent a LOT of time on the model, coz it was a nightmare at some points like the hat. The rig has ik constraints and bends corectly as it should. And you got the idea for the swords collection. I’m going to make the episode Mystery Dungeon in full 3d and later on a video game in the blender game engine, but i have to search for some scripts, because i don’t know any python. I have also a BEMO and Jake model and in the future i’ll be making almost every character from the show.:rolleyes: