Advertising for help - Commercial & Non-commercial. Read this first!

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Welcome, and good luck with your project, or good luck finding the artist you need to find.

Below are my tips for advertising for help, so that you can get who you need for the job, and so that the artists can feel safe in the knowledge that they are contributing to something amazing with direction.

You are “pitching” or trying to “sell” your idea to others. Realise that just like a job interview, CV, Advertisement or anything else you need to get someones attention, trust and respect, while bringing them into the vision.


  • Have an existing post count so people know you are a “real” member. This is of course not always possible, but is the easiest way to gain trust.
  • Show a substantial amount of high quality previous work when requesting others to help on a project, or show that commercial offerings are legitimate. People will follow those who are heading somewhere exciting.
  • Link to a pre-made structured website, or project page that proves its real, and existing effort is being spent on your behalf.
  • Write your request with as much background information as possible.
  • Structure your request visually well, breaking it up into sections, and titling each.
  • Don’t ask for someone to email you for confirmation or to join your team… people need to know you are committed to coming back and checking your posts. Otherwise you could be posting at every 3d art forum on the net and expecting people to roll in from everywhere.


  • Email addresses may be removed from threads by first time posters depending on the quality of information or circumstances
  • Threads may be locked or deleted if the request is poor. It is your responsibility to re-post your request with sufficient information.

Good luck with a successful proposal. There are people out their who are keen to help/work, and we welcome your posting your jobs/projects.


(AndyD) #2

I’ve written an article which I believe explains, to some extent, the reason these rules exist. Click below to read it.

Want to make an open movie?

Note this is just my opinion of the situation and every proposal is different .

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Nice Article AndyD

(Wizard) #4

People interested in projects involving short films should check out the current Strange Behaviour contest at CGTalk. All contestants seem to follow a consistent plan of attack with storyboarding, concept sketches, modelling, etc, etc. It may not be ideal but following the posts may provide some insight into the process of creating a short film.

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Good tips.

(kbot) #6

Thanks Wizard - Until an “Open Movie” is made - we will not have true authority.

(mattwatters) #7

We are a small film company in Australia working in pre-production for a new children’s animated series. Those involved at this point in time are not getting paid. We need to get a 10-15 minute pilot episode off the ground. We have scripts for the first 6 episodes and have preliminary drawings of the main characters and location settings. We need someone based in NSW Australia who is familiar with Blender and who is prepared to help out in their spare time, the same as the rest of us. We have three TV channels interested and a publisher for a book of the series as well as DVD distribution. There will be employment eventually, but for now it’s an opportunity to gain experience and work with a production team to get this series up and running. If you’re interested contact me.

(andrewprice) #8

Still not sure if you’re serious or not… did you just read the thread title and think, “hmmm yeah this is the place”

(Neonstarlight) #9

Matt, telling me you have a story isn’t enough to get my attention.
I want to see whether your story is interesting enough to contact you.

Also, posting your request in a teaching thread does imply a lack of organization.

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How to make money with blender …? Help wanted.
Hi my name is mark Felkins I am learning Blender. I am getting better at 3D stuff.

I dont really want to work for like Dream Works etc , I just want to make and sell my stuff.
I am not a corperate jock.

I want to make 3 D stuff with Blender and sell it.
WEB site stuff, short movies, and more.

Is there any fees to use Blender and sell my 3 D ideas?

I am making a 3 D movie right now called IKE. My goal is to sell my movie or let people see this film for free , but have maybe 3 Commercials in the movie and get paid from the advertiser?
Not sure how to get companys to advertise in my movies? Etc.
I am funding my own stuff. So I dont need any pre order money.
My goal is to have a web site for 3 D movies, that people can watch. Movie theater on line?
or watch the movie on your cell phone! that would be cool.

If you know where I can sell my 3 D art on line. please let me know. like the big Bunny movie.
Thanks for your help.


(iainP123) #11

Great. Thanks for the tips. I’ll do my best to stick to them.

(Pipeline) #12

You’re already flooded with positive comments on that page, so I’ll just make my applaus here.

Damn good stuff! Anybody and everybody who plans anything on open-movie projects should be required to read it. If you cannot make yourself read Andy’s article (and it is very detailed), you cannot commit to an open-movie project.

I am finally rebirthing an open movie project that collapsed when I lost all my files (hint: A laptop CAN actually catch fire!), and I will be using your article as a User Manual to open projects.

Thank you, Andy. And to all others, READ IT, you will be 10-15% closer to a succesful project by that alone!

(gogomi20) #13

HY guys, i am now in blender and in this forum, i just wont to ask, what do you think howe much time do you need to make some game who is simmilar like need for speed or Gothic. And hove much do you need for learn Blender esspecialy game engin??? Thank you. O I am Croatian so my english is not very good.

(Kujiforo) #14

Greets, I am new here, and had read this thread a few times before deciding to join to ask this question. Where would we post adverts for those who want to join such a team? I run an indie game development team online making a series of games for sell in the future and was searching for some new team members to help flesh out the 2D and 3D art areas (I’m an artist for it myself). Just wanted to know where I’d go about posting up a pitch for a few new team members.

Quite tired of having people come in, do one model, then when they get their assignments they don’t do anything because “so and so doesn’t work fast enough” or “I want to work on a fan game/movie now not something original”. I’ve been to a few forums/artist’s places and for some reason this is the type of people I attract. This community looked nice, so this is the place I’ve decided to try next. Any information on where to post would be helpful.

Thanks in advance for the answer!

  • Kujiforo
(ArnieRey) #15

just joined cant figure out how to post and faq has no answer for such simple a question. Help to [email protected]

(jpsaman) #16

Blender is a well known and well regarded project. Jeroen Baten and I organize every year an Open Source Event called T-DOSE in Eindhoven. We would like to invite a speaker from the Blender community to give a presentation about Blender at T-DOSE 2009.

Here is some more information about the Call for Papers that has been sent for T-DOSE:

T*-DOSE is a free and yearly event held in The Netherlands to promote use and development of Open Source Software. During this event Open Source projects, developers and visitors can exchange ideas and knowledge. It is held at the Fontys University of Applied Science on 3 and 4 October 2009.

Speakers can send ideas and abstracts to the organisation at abstracts AT The e*mail should contain a short biography of the speaker and description of the talk. All talks will be held in English and last ~50 minutes. The deadline for abstracts ends on 31st of August 2009.

At the event location there is room for Open Source market. Stands and rooms are free of charge. Applications for stands are handled in order. More information is here;

I hope to see you at this years T-DOSE.

Kind regards,
Jean-Paul Saman.

T-DOSE Foundation

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I hope this is posted in the right place.
I found this linkto where some of you could stand to earn some $$ for your art.
I gather they’re looking for movie clips.
Best of luck,


(JustinBarrett) #18

I can’t tell if everyone is serious or making a mockery of the first post and this whole thread in general. The last 8 post were from members with less than 50 posts, some even 1 post…the one here…
The first post is very insightful, and should be a sticky/must read before even being able to post…

(mo1_fireblade) #19

i help in this i need some Artist Using Blender cause we are working on a Game Project and this is an underground Type means No Income until its finished and Find the Publisher so we Need More Artists to work in Graphics… and srry if this Reply dont Belong to this Thread but i dont know where to Post it…

(azure_infinity) #20

wow, just wow.

been working with Blender 8 hours a day for a year and well, still a noob. Where is this going? I just can’t believe people want someone to do their work for them.

It’s a lot of work. I’m into my 18th project…none of them completely finished…and no kudos, no job offers. It’s just not a manager’s world here.

Great art, brilliant people. Don’t expect people to jump on your new game project or make models for you, just learn the stuff yourself with their help.

Maybe, just maybe then, you’ll understand.