Advice and criticism for my rustic sideboard model

Hi there!
I would like to know your opinion and ask for advice, about my sideboard model. Both in terms of modeling, texture, lighting, rendering, etc…
Any advice or criticism is welcome.


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Why is there only 1 button/handle on the upper en lower doors ?

For the rest i looks like the closet of my granny.

There is only one knob because the left-hand doors are locked internally by a small hook-and-loop fastened to the inside shelf. The hook fits into a cotter pin attached to the door.
Like this one in the image:

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I believe that if you use some objects in your scene you could give some depth and scale to the model.

Usually, models rendered without a composed scene seem to miss something. That is perfectly normal.

Try to complement the scene with objects, paintings, plants around and you will see how it will look perfect.


I have a question about the top horizontal crossbar, the one above the doors with glass. I added lightly there too, some smudge and scratches, but maybe they are too visible.
Yes, as soon as I can I will insert more objects to improve the scene.
Thanks for the advice!

I don’t think they are too visible, i believe the scale is still a bit big.

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This is a very nice model. I agree that it would be helpful to put something else in the picture for scale.


Thank you so much!

I inserted some elements into the scene. How does it look now?