Advice for people with Intel laptos and discrete videocards!

If you have a laptop with Intel processor Core 2 Core i5/i3/i7 the cpu will ramp overcloked over the standard manufacturing frequncy like from 1.6 ghz to 2.2 ghz , and so on. I adivise if you have heating problems on your laptop to change the Power Managment setting at the processor ussage on pluged-in to “99%” instead of “100%” that means that the speedstep will be limited to go from idle 950 mhz to maximum standard freq , that is stated on the laptop box and etc.

When overclocking the Intel processor will heat at 90 C or 95C that means on some laptops the videocard can ramp 115 C 120C due the processor overclocking and heating system attached to processor and videocard.

With that setting at “99%” the heating problem goes from 90 C to 75C on 100% all core usage and videocard will stay at maximum 80-90`C at maximum usage.

There it is another way of reducing the temps but involve some hacking and opening the chasis for DELL laptops , but that is for “people that know what to do” and …this easy way is better of both.

:wink: Have fun!

You can set the power management for maximum power and maximum heat on a “high perfromance profile” and use this setting for “powersaving profile”.