advice= mac or pc?

its time for a new computer/ what do folks suggest for a user of Blender, Flash AS 3.0, and Adobe Creative Suite?..

later: thanks for all your responses! i think i see a consensus.

I love OSX and mac’s , If I had the money I would buy a mac pro.

Ack, I hate this debate, but a friend of mine who uses adobe suite went from being in a mac environment at a company to freelancing using windows, and he is now looking into buying a mac. But, as aemartin says, “If I had the money…”

Btw this is off topic, not for long tho.

Depends. The new max iMac for example costs about 3.400€. I have the same as a PC for ~1100€ + my graphic card is much better! So IF you want to use a Mac, buy a PC and install Mac on it.

I’m not really sure if it works that way, if it did I would be more than happy to give OSX a try though.

I don’t have anything against OSX but I think that Mac computers are unnecessarily expensive, for the same price you pay for a Mac you can get almost 3 equally good PC’s or one REALLY powerful PC (and I don’t really like the Mac keyboard :P)

Personally i would go for a PC as you get more bang for your buck.

Yup, that’s what I’m saying. My PC is even better than the 3400€ iMac cuz my PC doesn’t have a “crappy” mobile graphic card. And yup you can install OS X on a PC. Never tried it though.

I just got
AMD Phenom II X6 1090T Black Edition
G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1333

for $360. Add hard drive, bluray drive, and case and you will be around 500-600 dollars. That is not even enough for Mac Mini!

If you are a key command person, mac keyboard all the way- command key is located more conveniently than control. But I digress…

I’d go with the PC. Since the newer Intel models, Macs are basically the same thing as PCs. You can run MacOS on a PC and you can run Windows on a Mac.

It makes sense to get a PC not only because it’s cheaper, but also because you have more control over the type of hardware you put in it. Apple computers are a sleek looking, overpriced OEM package with a different OS.

Running macos on a pc, you guys talking hackintosh, or is there now a more official method?

There is no “official” method because Apple are assholes and don’t allow you to run their OS on a non-macintosh computer, even if it’s 100% possible.

Installing Windows on Macs is completely legal though… I’d normally recommend a PC with Ubuntu, but Adobe products don’t run on any Linux.

PC. With ubuntu.

I have both Mac and PC. After about a month I install OSX on the PC so now I triple boot. Windows 7, Ubuntu, or OSX. Worls great for me and I have lots of options.

I’m not exaclty sure. 1-2 years ago it was done with a special PCI/USB adapter called EFI. My newest BIOS is called a EFI BIOS not sure if that’s related to it. I think now you can install it without any modifications except for changing your BIOS. Not exactly sure how to do it though.

Easy to google and find this

Apple makes money hand over fist by selling you yesterdays tech for tomorrows prices. If you want to spend $2300+ on a decent production computer from Apple (with a much less than stellar graphics card), be my guest. But keep in mind that you could spend the same amount to build your own computer that will be top of the line, and then put whatever operating system you want on it, including OSX.

I’m always surprised that this is even a debate among guys like us, we aren’t exactly the type of consumer level users that are targeted by Apple, that is more for college kids that want to look cool. The real question is PC or Linux.

Pc is way to go. You can buy same hardware as in the Mac for less money why would you pay more just for a case ?
Its not like i hate Mac’s its just a bit overpriced i think. OSX is pretty much unix / linux . Go for PC and dual boot it or triple boot it … I got Win and Ubuntu running on my laptop and i am pretty happy with it. Maybe you could even run adobe stuff on linux with wine but it will probably work better in windows. Its just way more options with with pcs. But again nothing wrong with Mac’s (except the price :slight_smile: )

Of all the bugs and problems I’ve run into in Blender, they’ve all been under OSX. Blender performs slightly better (and less buggier) under Linux or Windows in my experience.