Advice on Beveling

Newbie here,

Just wanted to model a simple towel holder with beveled edges (shown in red).
For the pictured model, do i have to manually click every edge to bevel or is there some easier way to select the outside edges?

The problem is it’s pretty time consuming and if i bevel everything, the edges created by extrusions will be beveled as well.


At least two ways that I know of.

  1. In the (bottom) header, Select->Sharp edges in edit mode.

  2. Select one of the edges, then Shift-G->Face angles.

Remember to adjust threshold if need be.

There is no “select only outside edges” afaik. To get going faster - select all in Edge select mode and use Circle or Border deselect.
Select one vertex, face or edge and Ctrl - click to select further down the selection path also helps.