Advice on cannon model

Hello there!

I’m currently working on a 3d model of a cannon, and I’d love to get some focused critique before I start texturing. Thanks in advance!


I modeled the exact same cannon last year. You’ve done a much nicer job of it than I did and you have all the parts looking very accurate,.

Can’t wait to see it textured!

I think it’s ok, at least the model looks clean and we see it’s a canon :slight_smile:
The wheels and the wood structure could be a bit thicker, they look a bit thin to me :

you can add the metal rig around the wheel too , that can add a bit of extra detail.

Now, it depends a lot on what you’re planning to do with it. If it’s part of a bigger scene, I think you can stop here and add more detail in the textures.
If you want to make it the main subject. Maybe you can tweak the model more. There is room to add detail then.

Depending on if you want to make it brand new, or an object that is very old, you can distort more or less the geometry, add a bit of brokenness in the model, that can be enhanced with texturing.

You can also try to distort more or less the wooden structure so it’s not perfectly straight, the wheels too can be not perfectly aligned. That will give a more natural feel. You can use a lattice to make these distortions so it’s non-destructive.

Thanks for your replies! I will upload the improved model soon.

Sorry. For some reason my post appeared in the wrong thread, and I can find how to delete it :confused:.

the fronthole is too wide. make it smaler and thicken the cannon runs wall.