Advice on how to create escalator belt driven step animation

So I’m modelling an escalator. I have 1 step and I’ve created a path for it to follow. I wanted to create an array modifier to multiply it, but the modifier is applied before the animation constraint. Basically I need to do multiple copies of the step with it’s animation time offset to create the whole conveyor belt for the steps to run along. How would you do this? Thanks for the help!

Hum, it’s a not so obvious setup.
I would create a mesh made of only one vertex, then use an array modifier, then a curve modifier tied to the path you’ve created.
Then I’d use vertex instancing to duplicate the steps . To animate it just animate the X value of the mesh.

Here a test file if you want to look at it :
escalator.blend (138.7 KB)

Hey, you will need to modify your curve - If you look at the real thing, there is a small area that is flat at the top and bottom.

Thanks, your advise worked great.