Advice on material matching for arch-viz

Hello blender artists, I’ve hit somewhat of a wall on one aspect of my current arch-viz project and would love some advice from others in the industry. I’ve been doing a lot of test renders to help my client decide between various finishes, paint colors, materials etc. For this purpose the result needs to be as accurate as possible to the real world material i’m testing or else its fairly useless. So far it hasn’t been a problem but the latest request has thrown me a bit of a curve-ball. The material in question is a cement-fiber lap siding that is finished with a two-toned finish to imitate stained wood. (sample from their website attached) I’m having a hell of a time achieving the look through manipulating image textures of real wood and haven’t been able to get anywhere close with procedural textures.

Does anyone have any advice on where they would start for something like this. i.e. the unique case of replicating what amounts to fake wood. I’m mostly digging for generalized advice about how other arch-viz professionals go about material matching tricky materials rather than specifics on how to make this material as its hard to convey exactly how this differs from wood without handing over my physical sample.

Any help would be so appreciated.

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You do have more reference photos? :stuck_out_tongue:
Because if you don’t - you have no idea how to reproduce them in blender. Which part is glossy, which part is rough. Which part is convex, which is flat. Does it have a coat or not. How do you realize segment connections - fugue? Glue? Welding? Or are those just ‘painted on’ on whole panels?

Take a video of it in controlled lighting, say a dark grey room. Introduce different kinds of lighting to it; different sizes from different angles. If you have a physical sample of a real wood counterpart, place it side by side.

Sometimes the difference isn’t in the albedo pattern, but in bump, roughness maps or tricky shading setups.

My parents has this plastic garden furniture that is “painted” to look like fake wood. And it suffers from CGI looking tile repeats - first time ever I’ve seen CGI pattern tilings in real life (when trying to replicate something natural).