Advice on mixing stop motion character with Blender

I need some advice before I start a project:
i want to animate a character and have him operate in the real world for a 20to30minute video. It will be a humanoid creature ( I haven’t designed it yet)

I am extremely slow on computers, I am not an animator or modeler. I was thinking of doing a stop motion character and then using blender to animate the eyes and mouth. I have not done stop motion either. I have slow reflexes and my concern of doing everything in blender is that it would take me a year(even if I had someone model)

Is this hybrid mix a bad idea?
Would the tracking features in blender allow this to work? ( I was thinking of shooting the whole thing with the eyeless/ mouth less creature then in post add the eyes and mouth)
Should i use Blender for more or less of the cgi?
what would I need to watch out for?

Any feedback/ advice/ opinions/expertise would be appreciated !

I think it’s a fine idea. Doing eye and mouth is a tedious fine work with Claymation. So using Blender to animate may be the way to go.

Since you haven’t done Claymation, you do need to test out your idea first. Make a short test video and do the Blender tracking. And see how it comes out.

As for being slow, when you play with Claymation and Blender, you will get faster over time.